AVFM News Week in Review Oct 17th – Oct 24th

Whew, it gets better every week doesn’t it!  Another big big news week for AVFM readers.

Item: 20/20 fails to broadcast piece on AVFM.

After a highly criticized article written by two rookie ABC journalists was published, 20/20, decided not to broadcast the much anticipated episode featuring Paul Elam and A Voice for Men.  The reasons for this are still a mystery but  it is a clear indication that the mainstream media will be thinking twice about sloppy assumptions about the MHRM.

Item: Ms. Magazine declares that feminists won the last election for Obama.

And it appears that they may be right.  According to them, the number of women identifying as feminists increased by nine percent since the last presidential election.  Furthermore, it wasn’t just women but feminists who decided the elections.  From the Ms. Magazine blog:

“Political pundits declared the day after the presidential election that women voters had decided the outcome in favor of reelecting Obama, but that was just part of the story. The polling, conducted by Lake Research Partners for Ms. magazine, the Feminist Majority Foundation and Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC), documents the existence of a strong “Feminist Factor.”

We’ve long talked about the gender gap–the measurable difference between how men and women vote–but now, says Feminist Majority president and Ms. publisher Eleanor Smeal, “As we move forward after the elections of 2012, it’s time to acknowledge that it wasn’t just women who made a critical different in reelecting President Barack Obama, but feminists. It’s time to add another metric beyond the gender gap to our post-election analysis: the Feminist Factor.” We define that as the proportion of voters who self-identify as feminists across various demographics–race, age, religion, region of the country and more–and their subsequent voting behavior.”

Item: Elle re-brands Feminism

The old school feminism that preaches “equal opportunity” and for the “sexes to unite” doesn’t quite cut it for today’s young women according to Elle, a popular woman’s publication.  So, in order to insure that feminism maintains it’s popularity it  is to be re-branded to satiate women’s need to consume by employing advertizing agencies to make feminism seem cool, sleek and…well… more consumer driven.

Item: Plea bargain struck with sexually sadistic child molesting and torturing mother

In a horrific case of sadistic and incomprehensibly cruel child abuse perpetrated by a mother, a plea bargain has bee struck between prosecutors and Christine Gelineau of Concord CT.    She was sentenced to nine to thirty years.  The ABC article does not say when she is eligible for parole but it is assumed that it will be within the nine year period.  Details of the abuse are featured in the article.

Item: Police shooting of mentally ill man prompts police probe

A 911 emergency response to an incident involving an argument between a mentally ill man and his mother over a picture results in a man’s death.  There was no provocation just a phone call alleging domestic abuse.

Item: UN launches anti misogyny campaign against search engines.

The United Nations, in a startling swipe of genius, exposes feminism on the internet by placing terms such as “women shouldn’t” and “women can’t” and comes up with misogynistic prompts in Google’s search engine.  Interestingly, when you type in “men shouldn’t” or “men can’t” you come up with similar results. 

Item: Christian Adamek’s father speaks out about his son’s mental illness and the need to give more support to young adults who suffer from depression.

Many call for apologies to Principal Campbell.

Strictly directorial comment:  We agree that more attention needs to be paid to adolescent and young adult mental health issues;  most especially that of boys and young menn   And no, we will not let up on Campbell.

Item: Patriarchy Party in Edmonton Alberta Canada declares victory!  Even if they didn’t win. 

That’s right!  A man won so that is all that matters to patriarchy.  Right?

By the way, are you looking for a petition to sign? Left/liberal stalwart MoveOn.org has a petition asking ABC 20/20 to end their gender bias against men. Is something in the air?

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