U of T Administration extorts CAFE

*Update*: Note that thanks in part to all our efforts, CAFE has met its goal. Now let’s hope they issue a legal challenge to get the extortion money back.–DE

It has recently been announced here that the administration of the University of Toronto has decided to impose a fee of $964.00 on the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) in order to cover the additional security needs caused by criminal elements within the University of Toronto Student’s Union. This is in relation to an upcoming lecture by Dr. Miles Groth on September 27 on the need for men’s issues groups in colleges.

As we have seen in three lectures on issues affecting men and boys since Warren Farrell spoke at U of T November 16 of last year on the Boy Crisis, the student’s union has planned, organized and executed multiple illegal acts including vandalism, assault, blocking doors, verbal harassment of lecture attendees and pulling fire alarms.

The university administration has decided that the way to handle this problem is not to pursue disciplinary and criminal actions against the students and others committing these acts, but to actually fine the victims  — namely CAFE and those seeking to attend their events and participate in the peaceful and lawful exchange of ideas.

AVFM Contributing Editor Karen Straughan posted a YouTube video announcing this abusive, extortionist outrage by the University of Toronto Administration, asking her viewers to contribute funds so the event could take place. Many thanks to Karen for that and I hope she does not have to deliver the cash to university officials in a brown paper bag.

I also have it through the pipeline that legal action against the university is all but certain. We will provide more details on that as it becomes available and publishable.

Given that the bases appear to be covered, i.e. the payoff is on the way and the appropriate legal action against the university is being planned, it leaves nothing in the way of the talk next week by Dr. Groth going forward…so far.

Hate: Now sponsored by the University of Toronto Administration
Hate: Now sponsored by the University of Toronto Administration

This presents, rather it creates, an opportunity to make two points, both of which I hope are well noted by members of CAFE and members of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, generally speaking.

First, and I state this more pointedly to the members of CAFE, I hope this serves as what I respectfully suggest is a needed wake-up call. I hope that your experience in the realm of trying to address the issues of boys and men takes you to a better understanding of the fact that you are not in a debate, but in a war. So far, very early in your efforts to do something as noble as educating people about the many under-recognized and ignored issues facing men and boys, you have been attacked in almost every way imaginable.

Police have been assaulted. The people you serve have been harassed and bullied. The speakers you have invited have been demonized and subjected to character assassination and campaigns of lies. Considerable energy is being invested at this very moment to ensure that you are further demonized and that future attempts to replicate your work in other schools are preempted by whatever means are necessary.

And they are succeeding.

Attempts to react to all of this with genteel political delicacy will invariably fail. As it will fail other concerned students who sincerely desire to emulate your very important work. It will result only with where you now find yourself — paying out money to an administration that would rather force you to spend yourself out of existence than to take appropriate action against those who are actually the problem.

I also hope this series of events serves to illustrate a point to the MHRM in general, as well as to the student body at the University of Toronto and every other similar institution across the western world.

Feminism is not a movement. It is the establishment.

It is the institutionalized and systemic hatred of men and boys and, just as the U of T’s administration now puts on shameless public display, it is driven by the depraved indifference to finding solutions to problems faced by that population. In fact, it is a system hard-wired to ensure that such solutions are never explored, or even imagined. And those who try will pay for it.

In short, feminism is the man. If you have any illusion otherwise, you are not equipped to be an effective advocate. You are not having problems because you are dealing with a bad element in a good system. You are having problems because you are the only good element in a system that can’t be called anything but bad. The only cooperation you are going to get is the cooperation you force with peaceful defiance, speaking the truth without relenting and the willingness to fight back with vigor.

A reminder for those able to attend: On Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 11:00 AM EST there will be a Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis at Queen’s Park Toronto. If you plan on attending, please visit the Facebook Page for the event. Thanks.

*Update*: Note that thanks in part to all our efforts, CAFE has met its goal. Now let’s hope they issue a legal challenge to get the extortion money back.–DE

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