The failed manhood of white knights

I saw a cartoon today. I present it here as the image for this article for your consideration. As you can see, it isn’t very funny, and it isn’t intended to be. Even less funny was the numbers of likes and shares it got from Facebookers. And when you click through and read some of the comments, mostly by women, it gets decidedly unfunny.

Read at your own risk. The promotion of violence is constant, and there are some comments even more alarming. The worst thing about it is that this is not a feminist thread or an MRA thread. It is just the general public; average people, whatever that is these days.

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The blue pill appeal of this kind of White Knightery, the kind you see portrayed above in the form of a cartoon thug about to deliver some “righteous payback,” is understandable. For most women these men are service machines prepared to make assaults on their behalf; willing to dispense, and absorb violence, enthusiastically, whenever a woman, any woman, advises them there is a need.

To these women, this is one of the many things that make those men real men. Read the comments on Facebook. And note that mixed in with cheering for violent acts you see the scraps of puffery offered to the male bodyguards there. These are men who will gladly stomp mud holes in their brothers if it will make a woman smile or give an approving nod; if, as they pine for in their fantasies, it will dry a single feminine tear.

Per the cartoon, real men are prepared to attack other men and beat them savagely without a second thought. All you have to do is point at their victim and say, “He hit a woman.”

You can grab your popcorn at that moment folks, because it is ON right then and there. You don’t know who it is going to be, but one of the guys, or even both of them, are about to bleed.

Remember, real men attack and bludgeon complete strangers because a woman makes an accusation. Real men will assault strangers on behalf of other strangers as long as the stranger they are being violent for has a vagina.  Consider the story of Renada Williams, who told two men that her boyfriend had raped her, so they tied him up, then beat, tortured and raped him for almost 24 hours. She was later proven to have lied.

This is not the only time this has happened. Women were singing “My Boyfriend’s Back,” long before the song was written. In fact, men wrote that song. Women just mouth the lyrics, but I will get to that.

Reacting to illegal violence, or the allegation of illegal violence, with even more illegal violence may moisten a few vaginas, but it does not seem likely to solve the fundamental problem. Clearly we need a new paradigm about sex and violence, one that puts the onus on women to take care of themselves without all those pesky, domineering men (who are just the ones they need for violence) doing it for them.

What I have done, as a service to the entirety of humanity, and all womanhood in particular, is to dismount my white horse and take an objective look at women getting hit. Doing this has enabled me to not only discern the two different types of women who get hit, but also prescribes a course of action for each type of woman. It will significantly reduce their chances of ever getting hit again. How’s that for a real man?

OK, let’s get started. Meet Female Violence Victim Number One, the true victim. This is the woman who was minding her own business, running an orphanage or serving lunch at a kitchen for the homeless, or researching a cure for scabies, and some guy comes out of nowhere and smacks her across the face for no apparent reason.

It doesn’t matter if the attacker was a stranger or someone who knew her, the attack was totally unprovoked and senseless. These women are a distinct minority, but we have them covered.

The answer for them is twofold. One, call the cops. If there is as much as a blemish on their face, or even if there isn’t, he will be arrested. Once he is in stir, she can get to the second part of the solution. She can go about shopping for all kinds of technology that will make his, or anyone else’s, next attempt to assault her a very unpleasant experience. They range from pepper spays, to stun guns to nice little Glock 9 mm’s with pink ammo clips, at least if they live somewhere that allows handguns. They even sell this stuff to women and provide classes on how to use them without men helping.

And if she messed up and shot the wrong guy, don’t worry. The courts will understand that she felt threatened and had no choice.

So, you see, for female victim number one there is no need to wait for some guy (at least one without a badge) to go skin his knuckles or get the crap beat out of himself tying to extract revenge on an attacker. She can do it herself. Remember ladies: You don’t need a man, right?


Next, we have the average domestic violence victim. According to the research we have, this woman, more likely than not, is not exactly like the true victim. She is actually a woman who hit first, at least according to the Centers for Disease Control, and ended up getting a bigger helping of the same thing she was dishing out.

This woman has a couple of options that don’t involve using the flesh and blood solution of a convenient male bodyguard. One, she can avail herself of the afore-mentioned self-defense aids recommended to true victims. This way she can improve on her abusive ways and simultaneously ensure that whoever she is abusing won’t be stupid enough to defend themselves attack her again. And yes, in case you are wondering, the cops will also side with her when called. It’s a win-win for her. Ask Chris Brown or about a million other guys.

I strongly recommend this option as the go-to. The other option is less attractive. She can get used to getting her ass kicked. Funny thing about punching men. If you hit them enough times most of them, the ones that aren’t real men, will forget you are a woman and tag you a good one.

These women and their male enablers actually think that the man she is punching is too depraved and sick to understand that she is the real victim. Her slapping, punching, kicking and spitting on him is viewed as evidence that he is the perpetrator.

This is where things get tricky, because this is where the real men really want to step in and act out violently on behalf of the woman. In fact, being so well indoctrinated into their positions as convenient fodder, their very identities hinge on beating up that guy that she tried to beat up, but couldn’t.

They will ignore his pleas that he was defending himself with the standard, pre-assault scream of indignation, “I don’t care if she hit you. You never hit a woman!”

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Note the one sorry bastard of a man in that video. He hit a woman. He was dead wrong and deserved a good thumping. End of story, right? That is right for the good men in this video; the thirty or so of them that ganged up on the guy and beat him for returning a completely unjustifiable attack from a woman. The good men, the real men, taught him, didn’t they?

This is what needs to change. We can only do that by promoting a culture where women have both agency and power, and of course they cannot have either if they are treated like children who cannot defend themselves, or if they are allowed to leech protection and other services they should be providing for themselves.

On a more personal note, I have to admit to some pretty intense emotional reaction to some of this material. I am angered beyond words by the story of Renada Williams, and by the man who was assaulted, defended himself and was then assaulted again by a mob for daring to fight back against a woman. The video doesn’t tell us what happened to him after they took him off camera.

I am even angered, though less so, by that cartoon and the scores of hateful, violence glorifying comments from women that followed it. But at least I understand that part.

We have not only taught women that exploiting men’s physical capacity for violence is acceptable, we have all but insisted that they feel entitled to that kind of power; that they just consider protection and provision from men something owed to them.  Obviously they need to get off that boat, but I don’t blame them for being there in the first place, not with legions of white knights begging them to do it, lining up to infinity to be the next guy to slay their dragons.

I don’t know that I could resist that kind of temptation.

No, I am not angry at them. My real anger is saved for the phony, sanctimonious White Knight pricks who don’t know the difference between what they see in the mirror and Dudley Dooright. It is not that they want to do right, they want to do women.

Like chameleons, which I note is a lizard, these men are adept at blending in. The only difference is that the ambience they mimic is their perception of whatever it is women want to hear.

They have little to no concept of truth, or it’s value, or of justice, or even of human decency if it runs afoul of what they think women want to see in them. In other words, all the normal values of honesty and integrity that we generally tend to instill in men are precisely where this brand of man fails, and fails completely.

The white knight wraps all of his obsequious agreement with The Collective Woman in a shroud of “social enlightenment,” or just as bad, “traditional values.” Whether he is a male feminist or a mindless tradcon, he will tell you he does not argue with women because he values them so and appreciates their wisdom. The truth is that he does not argue with them because the idea of their rejection scares the living shit out of him. He lacks the skills or courage to argue with a woman at all.

The fact is that he does not have a woman’s excuse. As a man, he has been exposed his entire life to the expectations of personal accountability, reason and justness. He abandons all of that to act as a thug, either intellectually or physically, in hopes of female approval. Even if he knows what he is doing is wrong, he lacks the spine to do anything about it.

To him, the disapproval of a woman, and even worse the disapproval of women collectively, is more emotional upheaval than he has the courage or skills to manage. He knows that by most of the standards for men in this culture, he has failed. Undaunted, he uses the pats on the head of approval he gets from women who generally hate men as evidence that he is at least the kind of man which women who hate men will approve. It is all he has.

You can see many of them out there now, writing blogs that all boil down to one simple thing: an insecure boy repeating over and over again, “Look at me! Look at me! I am a good man!”

“I will say whatever you want to hear.”

“I only exist when you look at me.”

It’s David Futrelle. It’s a lot of other losers just like him over on Facebook, and everywhere else you turn. It’s all these good, good, real men.

Ok, so maybe I don’t hate these guys. Maybe they are too pathetic to hate. But I don’t have to look any further than the story of Renada Williams, or indeed the acts of the SPLC, to know just what they are capable of.

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