Introducing Kelly Jones and “Wise Misogyny”

Being a Men’s Rights Activist, I am familiar with the use of the word “misogyny” as a shaming tactic in order to shut-down debate and silence any man who may try to stand up for his own human worth. It came as a shocker to me, therefore, to find a female Youtuber apparently advocating misogyny as a virtue, or at least her own particular take on it—misogyny as the complete rejection of female psychology.

Kelly Jones is one of an increasing number of women rejecting female self-pitying and belly-aching. I’m not, yet, sure how I feel about her use of the word misogyny, but let me introduce her and you can make of it what you will…

Watch here.

What I do know is that Kelly is an incredibly intelligent woman with a breathtakingly unique perspective. She is quite clear that she regards women as less rational than men, and our current obsession with female-only perspectives and values as a threat to society’s long-term survival.

In the following video (in three parts), she discusses emotion, consciousness and misandry.

And in part 2 of this video, she has the following to say about men…

Men have permitted women to become morons. It is the lazy man who, himself, is desirous of being as stupid and irrational as he can get away without compromising his survival, who is responsible for misandry to a large part.

It’s got to the point where women can mock these stupid men and give some actual substance, in their emotional way, to the culture of misandry which is why it is so popular today. Can one really blame women, who are so intellectually challenged, that they need men to make rules and laws for them to copy and regurgitate for misandry? I think not. Only if women were capable of genuine original thought and intellectual processes of their own would their misandrous propaganda be, ultimately, their own doing.

Men have let themselves into the shit. If they weren’t chasing skirt, playing the fool, adoring women’s idiotic frivolities and girlish sexual displays, then women would have no hold over them. But lazy men are like dogs—they believe woman is the master.

On the subject of men, or at least most men, this is not a revelation to us in the MRM—we know she is dead right.

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