Challenging Dickie James, Board member of Women’s Aid

Our thanks to a supporter, Ray Brown, for alerting us to this matter. It relates to a woman, Dickie James, who has the following profile on her Twitter account @DickieCJames:

CEO of @StaffsWomensAid. Board Member of @WomensAid. Tweeting own views. Mother. Feminist animal lover. Writer. Hate injustice. Partial to G&T.

Ms James “favorited” a tweet posted by “Radical Feminist,” whose Twitter account is @RadicalFeminist.  [Note added 21:35 March 2, 2014: a supporter has just informed us that Ms James’s “favoriting” of the tweet has been retracted, following the publication of our public challenge. Perhaps a response to our challenge is forthcoming? Don’t hold your breath. Our experience tells us these people are utterly shameless.]

“Radical Feminist” tweeted a link to an interesting blog piece (published in June 2013) about fathers and mothers bonding with their babies. The blog piece referred to a study which reported that fathers’ oxytocin levels are raised by playing with their babies. Oxytocin has been describes as the “feel good” hormone. ‘Radical Feminist’ tweeted a link to the blog piece with this line:

Abusing children raises fathers’ oxytocin levels

“Playing” has been twisted by her man-hating mind into “abusing.” Tim Brown emailed us the following:

Just wanted to share with you an exceptionally offensive and misleading tweet by a typically hateful radfem. I know that’s not exactly news, and attention seeking by provocation is probably deliberate from a radfem. But I think sometimes what is notable is who favourites or retweets this sort of content, it can be revealing.

If you read the blog entry she has linked to, you will see her tweet is a remarkably sick, twisted and wilfully false interpretation of the research mentioned on the blog. Anyway, the tweet was favorited by Dickie James, a Board member of Women’s Aid, and to my mind it’s worth calling out and drawing attention to someone in her position that’s supporting such an obscene level of dishonesty and open hatred towards men. Here’s her profile: Might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but it really disturbed me as a father so I thought I’d share.

Also, I think groups like Women’s Aid do have a platform of power and influence which is often wielded in a way that is rarely questioned, mainly because the surface of their cause like most charities seems sympathetic.

I’m thinking particularly of whenever shared custody policy is talked about, followed by the usual scaremongering thrown around by feminists suggesting it would pose a risk to women and children. The source of that type of excuse used for obstruction seems to be cited from groups like Women’s Aid. So in that sense I’d regard them as worthy of challenging when they’re expressing alignment with the sort of extremely malicious statement found in this tweet.

We agree with our supporter. Women’s Aid do need challenging, and far more than they’re accustomed to with the mainstream media. For the time being, though, we’re emailed a link to this piece to Staffordshire Women’s Aid, with the following message to Dickie James:

Ms James, we publicly challenge you (1) to apologise for having favorited the hate-driven tweet which is the subject of this blog piece, and (2) to condemn ‘Radical Feminist’ for having misrepresented fathers playing with their children, as abusing them. You can email me at Thank you.

We’ve also emailed a link to the piece to Polly Neate, CEO of Women’s Aid. Our list of unanswered public challenges of feminists (and their male collaborators) is becoming lengthy:


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