Actually, we are all rapists

I had some downtime today and was thinking about “enthusiastic consent,” and how feminists define rape and came to the conclusion that we are really all rapists. And by all, I mean feminists too, even though I expect they exempt themselves and their financial supporters, and just want the definition of rape given below to include just heterosexual males.

Here is how I reached the conclusion that every single person on the planet is a rapist. We know the following about the definition of rape from the many articles written by feminists lately who are concerned about rape on university campuses.

  • If a female has any alcohol in her system, then she cannot consent to sex even if she says yes.
  • If a female has any medication in her system that could alter cognition, she cannot consent to sex even if she says yes.
  • Absent any of the criteria above, if a woman says yes to sex, you need to get enthusiastic consent because she may just being saying “yes” due to patriarchal pressure.
  • Just because a woman says “yes” to a kiss or some other touch, that does not mean you have permission to kiss or touch her after the fact because she could have changed her mind during the course of the same sex session.

With this in mind, here is what healthy sex will look like among heterosexual couples as defined by feminists, and the university officials who cater to the demands of feminists:

him: Hi honey, I’m home from work.
her: Hi dear, did you have a good day?
him: Yes I did thank you, can I give you a kiss?
her: Yes you may.
him: OK, is that yes or an enthusiastic yes?
her: It’s enthusiastic.
him: OK great, have you had any alcohol or taken your anti-depressant today?
her: No.
him: OK, now are you just saying yes because you feel like you have to because of patriarchy?
her: No.
him: Can I give you a breathalyzer to make sure and can you provide a witness to you not taking your medications today?
her: Yes.

At this point, we can assume that a healthy kiss can occur. Now, let’s look at what happens if the kiss turns into sex.

him: Can I have another kiss?
her: Yes.
him: Is that an enthusiastic yes? OK, I want to make sure you are not just saying yes because of patriarchy or changed your mind since the last kiss 45 seconds ago.
her: Kiss me again.
him: Can I touch your breast?
her: Yes.
him: Is that a enthusiastic yes?
her: Yes.
him: Can I kiss your neck?
her: Yes.
him: Is that a enthusiastic yes?
her: Yes.
him: Can I touch your breast again?
her: Yes.
him: Is that an enthusiastic yes, and you are not feeling pressured by my patriarchy because you said yes to the last time you said it was OK to touch your breast?
her: You can touch my breast again.

Now we can assume that the remaining acts involved in sex HAVE to play out the same way for there to be healthy sex that is not rape. ANY deviation from the scenario above is grounds for a man to go to prison or be expelled from a university.

Sounds overly dramatic, right?

Unfortunately, I’m not being dramatic. This is exactly how feminists define healthy sex where heterosexual males are involved. It is this standard that is leading to men being kicked out of universities and publicly shamed all over the world today.

And, I suspect that in the very near future it will be this standard in criminal matters.

Who — among all the heterosexual university chancellors, university police, politicians, and even supporters of feminism who are accepting these standards — are in their own lives following them?

Does anyone believe that feminists behave in accordance with these standards when they have sex?

If not, then we are all rapists, as defined by modern academic feminism. I encourage you to email your local male university chancellor a link to this article so that he can bring himself under investigation.

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