A small taste of the Fempocalypse

The U.S. Government has shut down.

Well, much of it has, sort of.

On the first of October, the government ran out of spendable money because of a budget impasse in the U.S. Congress related to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the eternal struggle between the two main political parties (Democrats and Republicans) to see who can be the biggest white-knight mangina.

Our favorite man-hating peg lady, Amanda Marcotte, has her underwire all scrambled over this government shutdown because Vaginas are Hurting – since the government exists to transfer money from men to women, a government shutdown means that the ladies are in DANGER.

The shutdown means the WIC program (“The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children” – but not for starving men) will have to be funded through the states, at least until the Federal government is functional again.

Likewise, college financial aid, which goes disproportionately to women in Women’s Studies indoctrination classes, will be delayed, restoring some of the balance to men who work to pay their own way through school (like I did). Women are going to love flipping burgers all night so that they can snooze through their physical chemistry classes – there is nothing like Eigenfunctions, Eigenvalues, and orthogonality to get your blood pumping.

And on and on it goes – in the evil Rape Culture Patriarchy, the government resources – taxes paid mostly by men – all go to – women? Wouldn’t that be more the characteristic of a Matriarchy?

Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat, in one of her early videos (she was still wearing makeup!) entitled Fempocalypse!!, discussed what will happen when enough men walk away from a feminist society – that society breaks down and crashes:


Now, such speculations about societal breakdown often sound scary to the point of delusional paranoia – except when you consider that the U.S. Government has now shut down over money.

I wonder what all those anarcho-communist feminists think about their free ride on the cock of Patriarchy coming to an end – will they be out celebrating their impending starvation?

Slate’s exclusive video about how the shutdown will affect the space program NASA applies equally well to how feminists must feel when their calls for government aid go unanswered.

This is but the smallest taste of what will happen when enough men opt out of society – become Grasseaters – become MGTOW ghosts – whatever you want to call it.

Watch the story grow in the U.S. over then next few weeks and months. (On October 17, the US will run out of money to pay creditors.) Notice how the appeals to restart the government will focus on the harms to women – far out of proportion to the harms to men, if indeed men are mentioned at all.

What a shame, that.

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