Why we’re doubling Elizabeth Hobson’s salary #InternationalWomensDay

Elizabeth Hobson, our Director of Communications, is proving to be a bigger asset to J4MB (and, in turn, the wider MRM) than even we had anticipated. She’ll be giving a talk, as I shall, at the Chicago conference in August. I recommend you order your tickets now, I happen to know they’re selling like hot cakes.

In the space of just six days leading up to and including International Women’s Day, Elizabeth was a central figure in four activities:

Sunday, 3 March: Demonstrating with other non-feminists outside #MarchForWomen, Westminster Hall, London (video, 51:14)

Monday, 4 March: Asking women passing by the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliament Square, London, if they agreed men and women should have equal rights (video, 16:54)

Tuesday, 5 March: Debating with a feminist in Oxford Town Hall (video, 1:33:24)

Friday, 8 March, International Wimmin’s Day: Debating with a member of the Wimmin’s Equality Party on BBC Radio Kent (audio, 8:02) – Elizabeth did very well, considering she was given outrageously little time to contribute to the discussion

In common with everyone who works for J4MB, including myself, Elizabeth is on a salary of £0.00 p.a. In recognition of her valuable contributions to J4MB and the wider MRM, and with the agreement of The Patriarchy Council, we are with immediate effect doubling her salary. If she carries on performing as well as she has been since her appointment, we’ll be doubling her salary every year, going forward.

I invite followers of this blog to post comments in appreciation of this fine young woman.

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