Update: Man told he owes $100,000 by Virginia Beach judge is now officialy on the run

On July 19th AVFM News posted a press release from Greg Patnude, a Washington State man who was served with an order from a Virginia Beach Judge to pay 0ver $1,000,000 in back child support for children in their late 20’s.  Patnude was actually only $1,836 in arrears which he volunteered to pay but he was arrested at his home on March 18th on a warrant that claimed he owes $1,052,341.00 in past due child support.  The amount was later reduced to $100,000.

Over the years Patnude has paid nearly a quarter million dollars in child support to the mother of his children who are now aged 26 and 28.

Since publication of his press release he has asked that a court hearing be conducted via phone as he lives very far away and does not have the money for traveling expenses.  His request was denied by Judge Deborah V. Brian of Virginia Beach’s Juvinile and Domestic Relations Court.  He claims that the order of extradition is unconstitutional because it pertains to a civil and not a criminal case. The 56 year old Patnude, who is currently on the run from the law, also claims he has lost several jobs in the months following the March arrest due to his legal troubles and says he is down to his last $1,500.

Below is an interview conducted with Patnude several weeks ago before his request for a trial by phone was denied and he was still working and able to pay the $1,836.  It chronicles his relationship with both his ex wife and the courts.

He is currently on the run from the law, and has lost several jobs in the months following his arrest due to his legal troubles.


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