This is a day to remember

Tory Shepherd, an Australian “journalist,” with a long time reputation for libel and publishing falsehoods, has just spearheaded the expected ideological attack on the Male Studies initiative that was to launch at the University of South Australia in the near future.

Sources close to the story report that this is likely a terminal setback for the new initiative which would have helped academicians better investigate and understand problems like male suicide, depression and educational failure.

The article by Shepherd is saturated with the typical lies, e.g.: that the SPLC named AVFM as a hate group, which they did not, and that this website regularly calls women “bitches and whores,” which it does not. She also implied a connection between AVFM and those championing the initiative which does not exist.

In writing this article Shepherd actually served as a mouthpiece for academic feminists invested in blocking the attempt to study human males in a non-ideological, scholarly fashion. Most of you will not be surprised to see Michael Flood’s name among the critics.

It is yet another example of the fascism that now typifies the feminist establishment, and as such of course it will result in more who are overtly hostile to that fascism, which is now all but synonymous with their cause. That will happen even as they repress moderate, academically oriented individuals simply concerned about the issues facing men and boys.

It is another very, very dumb move from very, very corrupt people.

The Men’s Human Rights Movement is not going to go away. Indeed, even as we regret the temporary setback of an important and valuable initiative, we do welcome another opportunity to shine a light on the ideologically twisted agenda of people who would undermine an academic program with the ambition to enhance our understanding of an egregiously underserved population.

This type of bullying and public deception is precisely what has catapulted the Men’s Human Rights Movement into rapid growth and increasing popularity in such a short period of time. From assaultive, criminal demonstrators in Toronto blocking doors to a lecture on male suicide, to this – an obviously orchestrated attack on honorable academicians — the reality of what feminism has become, and the depths to which it has lowered, is again in full public view.

There will be other similar setbacks in the future. That is the brutal truth of the matter. As we know, feminist ideologues are well placed with the luxury of great control. But while this is clearly an exercise in their power, it is an exercise in power that is waning.

Now, and in the future, they will only be successful in their attacks against supporters of men and boys who hold the most promise for the non-acrimonious advancement of the issues. They will only cower and stop those who will be cowered and stopped, clearing the way for those who will not.

We have seen this pattern before in every civil rights movement in history. They will persecute those who would work with them, till what is left are those who will not.

Men’s rights is an idea whose time has come. The desperate and despicable actions of those holding to power will not stop it. Indeed, they will only accelerate the process of their own eventual downfall.

We will force their hand, again and again. And each time they demonstrate their moral bankruptcy; their limitless capacity for tyranny, the more they will generate the contempt and indignation they deserve. And the more people will realize that the only way forward is straight through them.

Today, we moved one step closer to that day.

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