Police video interview of a woman, false allegations or not?

Sault Saint Marie – Ontario

Have a look at this video and tell us if you think this woman is telling the truth or telling a lie to the police:

She alleges her boyfriend ripped her clothes off, choked her, caused her to fall down the stairs, called someone to dispose of her body and attempted to ram a Dr. Sholl’s foot powder bottle up her rectum and/or vagina. Her story falls apart several times. She seems to be creating the story right at the police station. It is long, but worth viewing the entire 2 hours and 12 minutes.

People–and “people” includes women–make up lies for various reasons to inflict harm. In our current society, we tend to especially enable this against innocent men, boyfriends and fathers. Many of those men and boys end up charged with crimes, jailed and ruined for life. Yet we think it’s wrong somehow to turn a skeptical eye toward any woman who wants to make an allegation, because of our “rape culture?” I commend the Detective in this video as she seems to be aware this woman is more then likely lying to her.

I spoke with a process server at the Newmarket Courthouse the other week.  She told me that nearly every divorce document she has served in the past 10 years contained allegations by the applicant women of Domestic Violence, sexual assault, rape–or, as she put it, the “silver bullet,” meaning, an allegation that the husband had sexually abused their child.

I am a victim of a failed false sexual allegation made against me and very sensitive to these matters.  She would say to me on the phone, “I am going to have you put in jail and will enjoy doing so!” Then she produced a perjured affidavit in court making such gross false allegations, it would make you go into shock!  The only thing that saved me from certain jail was a digital recording of the entire event and conspiracy to jail me.

Watching this video brought back feelings of horror, when dealing with women who proclaim false allegations to police.

AVfM has an adage for men: ABR, meaning Always Be Recording. There’s a reason for this, and it is not “paranoia.”

Update: For more information on this case, see this BrainSyntax page.

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