NCIS Pauley Perrette has public meltdown as restraining order abuse case heats up!

NCIS‘s Pauley Perrette has begun having a public meltdown as the evidence of her horrific abuse of the restraining order system becomes too hard to ignore.

— Paul Elam Provides Official Declaration in the Shivers–Perrette Lawsuit
— Forensic Video Expert Debunks Perrette’s Accusations
— Perrette Attacks with Twitter Rampage
— Perrette Terrified of Public Airing of Her 911 Call to LAPD

Much is happening in the pending legal scandal involving Francis “Coyote” Shivers and his ex-wife, increasingly beleaguered NCIS actress Laura “Pauley” Perrette. First, Shivers has filed back against Perrette’s frivolous anti-SLAPP motion, complete with sound evidence. Based on her latest late-night ranting on Twitter (see below), it appears the building pressure of finally facing the truth is getting to her and she is slipping into a state of delusional denial.

Perrette has also continued to “play the victim” regarding the participation of A Voice for Men and its reporting on the Shivers–Perrette cases in the L.A. County court system. Now due to her own motion, she is obviously terrified of the reality that her 911 call to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will be made public on this site—publicly exposing her as lying on tape to police.

Attempting to garner public sympathy, Perrette posted the following tweet as a pathetic ploy to turn the grief surrounding the death of Robin Williams into sympathy for herself, alluding to the inherent injustice of having 911 calls to police being publicly broadcast.


And why would Perrette be so terrified of 911 calls being broadcast? Well, because she got caught lying on tape to police. Yes, that’s right, Perrette’s 911 call doesn’t match her own testimony. In fact, it doesn’t match itself. She changes her stories mid-sentence. All caught on tape. And all while being rather bitchy toward the poor 911 operator. So, yes, Perrette is freaking about the 911 call being broadcast, which has been very much on her mind since Shivers’s recent filing of opposition papers, making the 911 call a central piece of evidence.

2014-08-08 Shivers Opposition to Perrette Anti-SLAPP (PDF)

With that in mind, just take a look at the tweet above. Is there nothing that this woman won’t do, or won’t stoop so low as, to get support and sympathy for her entire fraudulent cause?

So far, the judge in this case has issued appropriate rulings, and it certainly looks like additional appropriate rulings will follow.

As a further indicator of Perrette’s pathetic attempt to garner public sympathy and incite hatred from NCIS fans against her ex-husband for divorcing her and telling the truth, below is a screen shot of some of her most recent tweets. The absurdity of this is truly mind-boggling.


Her tweets had the desired effect, eliciting hate toward the innocent Shivers from NCIS fans. This is not the first time Perrette has launched into a public hate campaign about her (happily remarried) ex-husband and attempted to manipulate NCIS fans to do her dirty work. It appears her actions are in direct violation of California Penal Code 653.2, and the staggering amount of evidence explicitly reveals that everything she is telling the world is a complete fraud.

Perhaps her well-compensated legal team will counsel her accordingly of the intricacies of fact versus fantasy, although it appears they may be more interested in milking Perrette for legal fees on her way down rather than actually ending this public spectacle.

Contrary to false accuser Pauley Perrette’s claims, the truth is not harassment, whether it’s her ex- telling it or this website reporting it. Perrette’s tweets are an insult to real victims of domestic violence, and she should be ashamed of herself. (And apparently she is, judging by the way she doesn’t want that 911 call broadcast.)

Due to Perrette’s excessive abuse of the restraining order system, AVfM Founder and Publisher Paul Elam has provided an official declaration to the court in support of Shivers.

2014-08-08 – Declaration of Paul Elam (PDF)

The declaration essentially states what we already know and what we have already reported: Perrette’s real-life abuse of the restraining order system that follows almost word for word her own handwritten plan/movie script, “Star Crazy.”

An additional declaration was filed by forensic video expert David Notowitz in support of Shivers, who conducted a forensic examination of the electronic files and history inside Shivers’s cell phone. Notowitz has provided some very impressive credentials regarding his expertise and training in video forensics.

2014-08-08 – Declaration of David Notowitz (Conf)

In the latest proceedings, make-believe television “forensics expert” Pauley Perrette has again made false accusations, in direct contradiction to the actual forensic evidence itself. In response, Notowitz has provided a declaration to the court that publicly debunks Perrette’s false claims once and for all.

During the criminal case, the transcripts reveal that Perrette testified that her bartender boyfriend, Thomas Arklie, got up to defend her from Shivers’s cell phone camera only after Shivers activated said cell phone camera. The forensic examination of Shivers’s cell phone, and Perrette’s own words in the 911 call, prove different, however.

It was actually Thomas Arklie who got up to attack Francis Shivers, and Shivers’s response in activating his cell phone camera was in self-defense, just as the jury found, and the forensics and audio now prove that with absolute certainty.

This fact, determined through forensic examination of Shivers’s cell phone, disproves Perrette’s false accusations and proves what Shivers initially claimed, that it was Perrette’s bartender boyfriend,Thomas Arklie, who initiated and was solely responsible for any aggressive action that occurred that night.

Slowly but surely, many of Perrette’s prior false allegations and assertions are being debunked through sound forensic techniques, evidence, document examinations, and prior sworn testimony.

It is very simple: When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything; you simply speak the truth. When you lie, over and over again, you can’t keep your lies straight, you stumble all over yourself, and you make mistakes. Those mistakes, however, have not escaped the watchful eyes of the small army of dedicated advocates and trial-watchers involved in this case.

My-my, what a twisted web we weave.

It appears that Perrette has no desire to cease this behavior and continues to waste the time and resources of the court and the taxpayers, and the emotional energy of NCIS fans, in order to follow her handwritten movie script of falsely accusing a man in order to obtain a restraining order and to falsely portray herself as a domestic violence victim in order to garner public sympathy to boost her public persona and enhance her acting career.

As the mountain of evidence reveals, and which we have posted here, this entire charade by Perrette has been one big fraud. That is unfortunate for Shivers, but it is worse for the actual victims of domestic violence: the men and women who cannot get their fair share of the court’s time or the services they need.

Stay tuned, because the actual audio recording of Pauley Perrette’s 911 call to the LAPD will be coming soon.

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