It was an overwhelming experience when credits of my documentary “Martyrs of Marriage” rolled in presence of several delegates at International conference on Men’s issues, ICMI 2017 last year. As the last frame appeared and I started walking towards the stage, everyone stood up applauding the film. For a first time filmmaker, a response like that is a dream come true especially when the audience know very little about the subject, it being a very country specific problem. But the core idea remains the same – innocent men being prosecuted and victimized, made victims of injustice, in the name of giving justice to women.

Martyrs of Marriage touches upon the subject of misuse of dowry laws in India and how countless men and their families have suffered because of false cases under IPC 498A also known as the anti dowry law in India.

The image of India in eyes of the world is that of a country which just doesn’t know how to treat it’s women. It’s because of the selective media stories projected in front of a global audience. No one shows to the world how men are suffering here. Women centric laws are misused brazenly with system doing nothing to address it and several men have lost or are losing lives because of false accusations of dowry, rape, sexual harassment, etc…

Martyrs of Marriage brings forth horrible tales where false cases under section 498A of Indian Penal Code have caused havoc in the lives of people, pushing many to suicide. The law has been misused to such an extent that the Supreme Court of India has once equated it with Legal Terrorism.

After travelling to several cities in India and abroad, the film has now released on NETFLIX. The title is available in most countries except few.

Here’s the link to the film –

If you are unable to see it on Netflix in your country, here’s the vimeo link of the film in both Hindi and English language.

Martyrs of Marriage (English) :

Martyrs of Marriage (Hindi) :

I hope more and more people watch this film and take notice of the injustice happening to men and their families in the country.

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