@Twitter and @BuzzFeedNews working together to end free speech

Twitter, the increasingly censorious social media platform, has blocked me from use for 7 days. They did so because I tweeted about Buzzfeed approaching me for an interview on the men’s movement. This is the same Buzzfeed that dug 35 years into my past, looking for dirt so they could use it to take the focus off the men’s movement and put it on me personally.

I tweeted my rejection to their request, and they apparently reported me to Twitter for doing it, as you can see in the image below.

Setting aside the ridiculousness of my even being able to harass Buzzfeed, it leaves me with the unavoidable conclusion that the leftist pigs in both organizations are happy to work together to bully and silence dissenting views.

I am also including the email for your review. And just a suggestion. It might be fun to see the headline to this post have a stronger presence on Twitter than my little love slap at Buzzfeed.

They will probably lifetime ban me for this, and that is fine. Social media platforms are the new public utilities. They are in the very dangerous position of making themselves arbiters of who can speak, when they can speak and what they say.

If we don’t take a stand soon, and maybe even if we do, free speech will die.

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