John Nazarian, King of the scumbags, has recently become upset as we have exposed in other stories (such as here and here) is a most unhappy man. A known associate of serial false accuser and liar Pauley “Star Crazy” Perette, Nazarian is also a known advocate for filing false police reports and is unhappy we exposed this indisputable fact by posting videos showing him doing exactly that. In an act of blatant attempts at altering potentially criminal evidence, Nazarian pulled his videos from YouTube. Then when others began mirroring his videos, he began filing complaints to YouTube to have those mirrored copies of his criminal advocacy removed. So far as we can tell, everyone who has made a point of sharing the evidence of his criminal advocacy has had their videos taken down.
So it seemed appropriate to give you all a re-enactment of what John Nazarian, friend of bullying thug Pauley Perette, actually advocates:

It’s so eerie you can barely tell it from the real thing!
Here is a transcript of the video:
Hey, welcome. I’m John Nazarian. I’m reading the bible, remember? I do God’s work.
You know, if you women, have you ever really thought about trying to get rid of your husbands? Not like shooting them and digging a hole and putting them in. No, no. I’m talking about, no… that’s not what I’m talking about here.
What I’m talking about is the fact that… putting the trash out. You’ve had it up to here.
You don’t want to see his hair, you don’t want to smell his breath. You’re done.
But how do you get him thrown out of the house?
heh. It’s tough. You don’t have ten or fifteen thousand dollars to hire a lawyer. Here’s my suggestion:
One nice day when he goes to work, you go get your hair done, get your nails done. And I know for some of you out there this might sound utterly impossible, but you know women do this. They get their hair done, nails done, clean themselves up, put on a pretty dress and if you know your husband hates meatloaf.. you make the biggest meatloaf you’ve ever made. If you know your husband hates spaghetti, you make the biggest pot of sauce and macaroni you’ve ever made. And when he comes home that night, he’s sitting there giving you all of the usual shit that he gives you, this is your Waterloo. Or I should say HIS Waterloo.
This is where Napolean meets the bad(?) this is, this is it – it’s over. You look at him and he goes “what the fuck is this? You KNOW I don’t like meatloaf” or “you know I don’t like spaghetti sauce.” You look at him, you throw meatloaf up in the air, you take pieces of it, you throw it around the room. Or if it’s spaghetti you throw that spaghetti everywhere, you rub it all over yourself, you don’t touch HIM.
And, right about now he’s looking at you like “what the hell?” You hit 9-1-1 and start screaming “He’s trying to kill me!” and you throw that sfood all over the house, all over the kitchen, break the dishes. If you happen to hit yourself in the head with the kitchen door… coming or going… that’s good too.
And I’m here to guarantee you something. When the cops show up, and he, they look at you all nicely dressed and AND now you look like you got food all over you. He’s sitting there looking like Prince Charming? He will go from looking like Prince Charming to an expression of Wile Coyote as to what just happened.
And what you’re gonna tell the cops is, ya know, you made the mistake, you made a nice dinner, he didn’t like it and he freaked out.
Try that ladies. Show him the door. Otherwise known as… You just put the trash out.

And since you might think that is in some way an exaggeration, in the interests of honest news reporting we still present to you here on AVfM the video that John Nazarian doesn’t want you to see. You can find it right here.
You are encouraged to mirror this video to your own channel, with a link to this article here on AVfM if anyone has any questions.
Also, if Nazarian files a DMCA claim against your mirroring it, refute it and note that you can provide written proof of permission to mirror this video–and just link to this article as your written proof. You are hereby authorized to redistribute this video anywhere you like, just so long as you provide a link to this article to explain it.
Thank you for your kind attention.

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