International Men’s Day events not run by feminists

International Men’s Day (IMD) is nearly upon us again. Feminist groups are trying to appropriate IMD to talk about how men and boys should change and be better. We’ll I’ve got a message for the feminists. Men and boys are just fine as they are. What needs to change is how society treats men and boys. Paul Elam and Tom Golden had a discussion about a feminist attempt to co-opt IMD in Australia. The audio can be found on Paul’s channel here.

In order to counter these efforts we are offering a list of IMD events being run by MRAs and/or friends of our movement.

If we become aware of any additional events we will update this article live.


A planned Brisbane event has been cancelled. We are reliably informed this event will be on for 2018.


Some additional Indian events have not been publicly announced but we’re
seeing if we can get permission to publish additional information.

United Kingdom

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