Men’s Rights

The right to be left alone

The demands of the men’s human rights movement are ambitious: end women’s suffrage, keep women bare of foot and bun in oven, have women act like virgins in public and whores in the bedroom, and farting. Lots of farting. No, wait, that’s not it – that is what others say about us. The truth is, our request is for simple respect of our selves and our privacy. One NiceGuy spells it out in detail. And only a minimum of farts.

The Trend Of The Sexes – The Men’s Review (1948 Article)

When we observe the relationship of the sexes in the past, we find woman solely of the ménage, a menial, subjective, subjected. The male holding the centre of the human drama. From this point to the next point -the present- can be traced the line  following an upward trend, economically, intellectually, and politically, which forecasts …

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