Questioning the MRM – a short self examination

Why are we doing this? What, exactly, is our complaint? In absolute terms, men have never had it better. Our lives are longer than ever before. Especially in the western world, we are not nearly as plagued by violence and disease as our grandfathers. Never in history have we had as much economic opportunity or as much latitude to choose our own careers and our ultimate station in life.

We are clearly neglected and abused relative to women, but is that really a legitimate comparison? Is that any more meaningful than measuring how we are doing compared to squirrels or dolphins? There are a few men who do cross-over and become women but I never heard of even one who did it to gain access to all the goodies that go with being an entitlement skank. I know of few men who would be anything else despite the supposed unfairness.

So what is the beef? Could it be that even though men are doing better than ever that the level of ingratitude is also disproportionately high? Let’s face it. Men are and always have been where it’s at when it comes to sustaining this world. In former days, men used to get some credit for it. Not now. Scorn, vitriol and blame are the thanks we get for making this world livable. Biting the hand that feeds you was always a no-no. Perhaps that’s what eats me.

I am starting to tire of all the stats and data. All of the situational analogies with the sexes reversed are starting to get to me. Does it really count that the outcome for each sex might be different? Isn’t the fact that we don’t like what is going on enough reason to change it? It is in any other aspect of life. Don’t get me wrong. Debunking, facts and logic have their place within a rational discussion. Thing is this isn’t and can’t be a rational discussion. May just as well stake out a dogmatic position and listen to nothing.

I suspect that we hedge too much and appeal to fairness too often. Why would that be a bad thing though? It sounds too much like begging. “Oh please, please respect me even though you want me dead. I swear I can get laid and don’t hate women no matter how much they hate me.” Thankfully, more men are saying, “I said it. Too bad for you”

Talking equity among men is useful because men are capable of equity. Exceptionally few women are capable. Talking about equity to a typical woman is like talking particle physics to a baboon.

We want it the way we want it and so it should be done. No other justification is significant.. We have it good but want it to be better still. Why isn’t important. Just that we do is enough. Man is the measure of all things? A man’s reach should exceed his grasp? Perfectibility of man or eternal pursuit of happiness? (liberal traditions that many of us utterly reject) What’s the difference? Our decision to change things is made. Deal.

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