[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his video offers a great description of a basic thread of the MHRM and it does so in a very polished, eye catching and professional manner.  We have numerous youtube channels such as my own that have been doing videos on men’s issues for some time but this one stands out as being remarkably…well,  you watch it and add your own adjectives. I think it is perfect to send to people who are completely unaware of men’s issues in any way.

If they have an ounce of compassion they will be moved by what they see.

The vidoeographer of this wonderful piece is a man from India named Jerald Santhosh.  He works in motiongraphics, kinetic typography, and does posters, artwork and more. He is a part of the men’s movement in India and we welcome him to AVFM.  He is planning to open a web site and to do more videos so stay tuned and please do subscribe to his Youtube channel after you watch the video. –TG

Transcript of video:
Married men commit suicide at a higher rate in our society.
A married man lives his life supporting his wife and children.
When he faces abuse, we as society are indifferent to him.
A man is severely assaulted by his wife or girlfriend every 14.6 seconds.
When a man is battered by his spouse there is no shelter which would take him.
The government which should protect him, will imprison him even if he is falsely accused by his wife.
He will lose his job, and will be subjected to social shame.
Family courts incentivises his abuser by extorting money from him.
Divorce alienates him from his children, takes away his house, and his money. A man who has lost his children, house, and social image receives no help from the same government which he pays tax to.
All this helplessness leads to drug and alcohol abuse which also makes him depressed and suicidal.
This is a global phenomenon.Lists of various suicide statistics per year of men, which far exceeds women’s rates:

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • America 24,672 – 5950
  • India 63,343 – 31,921
  • Canada 2,989 – 901
  • Australia 1,727 – 546
  • UK 4,552 – 1,493
  • Russia 35,608 – 7,247
  • Lithuania 952 – 186


So many men are killing themselves every year..

What are we doing about it?

Men’s rights are Human Rights

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