In terms of views over the years, this is one of my least popular videos. I often think I should have written the script differently, or perhaps put the emphasis on different matters. But each year on this day and on Memorial Day I find myself rolling this old clunker out because I have no other words to say.

I love our veterans. I honor their sacrifices. But I loathe beyond description the vile machinations of those who turn our sons into corpses, both dead and living, for the sake of imperialist and corporate interests.

I have often heard feminists and others opine that with women at the helm, war would be a thing of the past. I suppose they forgot about Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, any number of female European monarchs, or indeed the white feather doling harpies of Britain that coerced peaceful men into war with the power of shame.

Women, like older, rich men may be even more likely to support the bloodshed, and for the same reason. Because they don’t have to pay the price for it.

Being an MRA means fighting for difficult, sometimes impossible dreams. But if I can be permitted to dream for a moment , let me say that if you want an end to war, put the men’s activists in charge. We are the only ones that care enough about men to put a stop to it.

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