Suicidal? Forget Men’s Health Magazine

I just went poking around the forums at Men’s Health Magazine, figuring I would take a look at what that group of blue pill men are doing in their feminist owned and operated little sphere.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long.

I quickly found a post that was full of unambiguously suicidal statements, then I read in absolute horror at the reaction to them.  Better to show you than tell you.

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That is where it started. Here is the rest of the comments.

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“Shoulda bought condoms”? That is how a human being responds to someone saying “I may as well be friggin’ dead,” “I am going to ***ing lose it, hey had enough of everything,” while making other direct references to suicide?

The man is literally broadcasting that he feels suicidal and he is getting a lecture on rubbers and child support, no less in a forum that purports to focus on the health of men.

I registered with the site so that I could send this guy a PM and inquire if I could help. It seems as a new “member” that I do not have permissions for sending a PM.

I left a comment on the thread, which is awaiting moderation, but something tells me it will not be approved. I will wait a while and then go back in. At the very least the person denying my comments can get the message that someone needs to attempt contact with this man. If no one at Men’s Health Magazine gives a damn, they should at least allow someone else to try.

The post looks to be a week old, so it may be too late, or the crisis may have passed. But if anyone else wants to join me in trying to make contact with this man, please do. Thanks.

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