Movember Grows On Natrel

ON MOVEMBER 1st, dairy company Natrel did an amazing thing: they showed genuine concern and support for a serious men’s health issue. Natrel pledged to donate $5.00 for every picture of a mo, or a faux-mo, to Movember Canada.

Mov Nat

Their only request is that participants add one of two hashtags, #NatrelMo or #NatrelFaux. They’ve also provided a few ways for us to take part. You can post your picture on their Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram by tagging Natrel at @Natrelmilk (on Twitter) or @Natrel (on Instagram).

You’ve probably heard of Movember while wading through the countless pages dedicated to uncovering the issues faced by men in society but if you haven’t, here’s a quick run through of how it all started.

In 2003, men in Melbourne, Australia were enjoying a beer at the Gypsy Bar on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Travis Garone and Luke Slattery spoke about a number of things – including fashion trends. This led to them to question aloud “where the moustache had gone” and the two joked about “bringing it back.”

Soon after, Garone and Slattery’s innocent fashion musings grew into an idea and eventually into a cause. Their first attempt at Movember produced 30 participants so in 2004 the group got serious and decided to formalize the concept. Garone registered the name ‘Movember’ and created a website. Garone was helped by fellow campaigner Justin Coghlan who ran the campaign in Queensland. The group researched men’s health issues and decided that prostate cancer would be their formal cause. And the rest, as they will surely say in future, is Mo-Story.

History (or Mo-story) aside – it’s clear that Natrel is going far beyond what is normal in helping to raise awareness for Movember and men’s health issues (although honourable mention must go to Campbell’s Canada who raised $10,000 with their own Movember campaign.) All you need do is post just one pic along with a hashtag and $5.00 will be donated.

Why, it’s so simple that even my buddy Jeb did it.

Mov Nat 1

Won’t you?

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