A treatise on the impact of gynocentrism

Males are in an ideological, psychological, and societal crisis. Fourth-wave feminism is dominating schools, men are committing suicide at an astronomical rate, and men are beginning to lag behind in practically every field that was once dominated by men; what happened?

The cause of the aforementioned issues can be narrowed down to the dominance of Fourth-wave feminism and the maintenance of self-sacrificial values tossed upon men.

For example, the dominance of feminism forces men to take a back seat until something physically demanding and risky needs to be done. Say, a woman is having an issue carrying a fridge up the stairs; she will then expect a man or a group of men to either help her or do it for her, the male will be forced to comply lest the shaming that will be bestowed upon him if he refuses.

In order to fully understand the conundrum men find themselves in today, it’s necessary to understand the ideological justification behind fourth-wave feminism.

Building upon the premise of first-wave feminism, second, third and fourth-wave feminists believe that women are still marginalized in the opportunistic and societal expectational sense. Or, in more simplistic terms; women don’t have opportunities and can’t do whatever the hell they want.

The former claim is simply false in practically every sense. According to The Atlantic, “Where men once went to college in proportions far higher than women—58 percent to 42 percent as recently as the 1970s—the ratio has now almost exactly reversed.” This is absolutely important because of the logic which follows this statistic; with women dominating colleges, it follows that women will dominate the jobs that require a college degree. Opportunities for women are simply endless; all they have to do is work for which opportunity they choose to take.

As for the latter claim, that women are marginalized in the expectational sense, this can also be debunked by looking around and comparing the past to the present in practically every way. Women are beginning to dominate commanding and operational positions and are dressing in ways that absolutely defy the expectations men had in the past; both claims are simply baseless. Women are no longer expected to be housewives and dress conservatively, absolutely not, women can do whatever they please due to the liberation modern feminism have given them.

I bring this up not to argue against women’s rights, not at all, I simply don’t care about women or women’s rights because the majority are already doing so…I’m more concerned about the effect this type of ideology has men and the men of the future. This wouldn’t concern me unless it affected me and the future I have in mind for my children and my precious little brother.

Men appear to be getting the leftovers of what women don’t want to do. Both in the educational sense and the occupational sense. Take for example the fact that women are absolutely dominating the educational fields of Education, Psychology, Health Professions, Foreign Languages, English, Communication, Journalism and Art, while men are left to sweep up the majors that they find too crude or “nerdy” such as Computer Science and Engineering.  Despite the obvious fact that men have contributed extraordinary amounts to all the fields women are currently dominating, men are pushed off to the side and are forced to take the majors they don’t want due to their complexity of physical demands. Take for example the fact that men make up an overwhelming majority of jobs that require physical demands and are inherently dangerous such as construction and heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians and mechanics are men.

This, I believe, is a direct result of women having more of a say in occupational matters due to the ideological demands of fourth-wave feminism as well as female nature itself. Women, by nature, are physically weaker and less intellectually diverse than men. Due to the physical weakness of women, and lack of intellectual diversity, we men are forced to take jobs that require physical strength and extreme amounts of intellectual flexibility, while women take office/desk jobs with pleasure, and since fourth-wave feminism insists on giving women more of a say in matters due to their “oppression.” Furthermore, men are still expected to be pawns and sacrifice themselves whenever told to… all of this adds up to men having practically no say in their destinies due to the societal pressure they’re constantly under.

All of this pressure contributes to the disheartening fact that men make up an astronomical amount of all suicides; approximately 80%.  Imagine the pressure boys are under in schools when they’re being told that women are oppressed by a patriarchal system that they and their ancestors are guilty of as well as being told to avoid showing “toxic masculinity.

Furthermore, men are under massive amounts of pressure on college campuses due to the pro-feminist climate as well as the staggering possibility of regret women face when confronted with their own drunken errors, in short; women’s irresponsibility and sexual promiscuity can easily result in a man being thrown in jail.

It’s a rather horrendous time to be a man.

But enough doom and gloom… what exactly can we do about this?

Well, it seems as if the first logical step is to destroy the ideological foundations second, third and fourth-wave feminism is built upon; and that can only be done by constantly showing feminists and “the powers that be” the effects of this horrendous ideology and pressuring them to look at reality for how it really is… an upside down matriarchal society in which men are disposable and under societal and psychological pressure caused by the phenomenological dissonance between the feminist narrative and the crushing reality that men constantly face.

After the ideological foundations of feminism are uprooted… it’s necessary for the men’s rights movement to become publicized and seek out media attention and use this time to not bash feminists, even though I admit it’s quite entertaining to do so, but use it to rationally debunk the arguments third and fourth-wave feminists condescendingly repeat.

But, I believe, the most important step of all is making sure the propaganda being shoved down the throats of boys we can help doesn’t solidify itself in their minds.  If you’re a male figure in the life of a boy please, I beg of you, make sure the lies the school and social system are pushing doesn’t solidify itself into their beautiful but moldable minds… if our boys continue to be indoctrinated with the lies feminists are pushing I see a very bleak future characterized by boys being unable to be themselves… in every way, shape, and form.

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