Zen Men Summer 2015 Pledge Drive

Zen Men LLC is a donor-supported organization that needs your help fighting gynocentrism and misandry. Please consider making a contribution to get gender equity right with the most successful student-run men’s rights organization in the nation.

Goal progress

$225 of $15,000

In the state of Georgia, rape is something that only a man does to only a woman or a girl. On Kennesaw State University, there exists a Title IX imbalance in gendered counseling services. There is also a self-defense course run by a gynocentric police force.

Since helping me start KSU Men in November of 2013, you in the MHRM community built the fastest growing men’s rights student organization all the way up to the successful Male Students in Peril conference. You are the reason that Zen Men LLC can address problems affecting neglected and abused young men, and speak with greater political influence.

Zen Men members out on a fun night
Zen Men members enjoying a night out. Includes students from Kennesaw State, Southern Polytechnic State, and Georgia State

Here’s what your support made possible in recent months:

We depend on your generosity, so you decide whether or not Zen Men LLC continues its mission. Our growing volunteer team needs you to help the United States education system see how it’s been failing young men, and we can do that by providing assistance to our neglected, battered and suicidal sons.

If you believe that change comes only with hard work, then we need you to be more than a passive observer and take an active role in resisting gynocentrism and misandry.

One of the many donations Zen Men made to a campus food pantry
One of the many loads of groceries donors funneled into a campus food pantry to feed homeless and financially struggling students.

Your support is no longer going to just one organization. Zen Men LLC is spreading its geographic influence through a new affiliation program that gives students incentives to start Zen Men chapters. By contributing to this pledge drive, you can now fund localized activist projects across more universities, and further develop the MHRM’s political influence through Zen Men LLC.

If you want to participate in hands-on activities, you can also work directly with us by applying for a volunteer position, writing an article, or taking on an unassigned task in our project tracker.

Ideology, gynocentrism and misandry are the new Dark Age, and we need you to be a part of the next Renaissance.

The pledge drive ends on May 15th, but our promotion here on A Voice for Men will last for only a few days. If everyone reading this donated just $5, we will reach our goal in a matter of hours. Will you please spare the price of one cup of coffee and share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to gift our sons the help they deserve as human beings?

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