Zen Men Spring semester fundraiser

Goal progress: $5,527 out of $10,000

Since you funded our founding in November 2013, Zen Men has captured the minds of students across the nation in its support for men’s rights in Kennesaw State.

This is all exciting news, but as we grew, so did our bills. Activism is hard work, and we depend on your kindness to keep going. We have kept all promises when you trusted us with $515 as startup funding, and then $13,120 to host a historic conference.

Remember that we are here because the American university is no longer a place of learning, it is a ground for witch hunts. Young men are dropping out in droves, but who can blame them? We have learned from Duke, North Dakota University and the University of Toronto that all it takes is one accusation to put innocent men in danger, due process be damned.

Our job is to stop the madness, but as low-income students, we cannot run Zen Men out of pocket. We need help paying for operating costs, materials, and most importantly, men’s rights missions. Among other plans, we want to bring down a speaker from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education to remind KSU of its obligation to protect the rights of its male students.

Any pledge, no matter how small, will be used to tell our schools that hatred of men and boys is not acceptable in our professors and textbooks.

The fundraiser ends on January 31st, but if everyone reading this gives $5, then it can end today. If we do not reach the goal, then we will have to make cuts, which means the size of our splash in 2015 is up to you. Will you please donate and share this page with your loved ones to protect innocent young men on campus?

Thank you for helping your sons take back their futures. We cannot do it without you.

Click here to donate to Zen Men and bring men's rights to Kennesaw State University!

Want to know even more about what you are investing in? Be sure to watch my interview with Paul Elam from A Voice for Men.

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