Woman brutalizes infant son, leaves him outside next to trash for father to find

It is simply one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Quote mine me all you want, had the father of this child beaten this piece of shit woman to within an inch of her life I would not have offered one scintilla of objection or condemnation.

The piece of shit’s name is Dalishia Salter, and among the few morsels of sheer depravity she utters to the grief-stricken father is something to the effect, “Oh, well, I’ll fucking kill him.”

To make matters worse, Salter told police that the father, David Bryant, was the one who injured the child by pushing a big screen TV on him. Of course the police issued a warrant without thinking about it. After all, it must be the man’s fault, right?

There is a petition online for his release with over 64,000 signatures. I hope you will add to that.


Before you watch the video, here is an image of their text exchange about the baby.


Now, prepare to RAGE.


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