We have unfinished business in Ellsworth, Maine

If you do a search for Mary Kellett on this website, you will get page after page of returns dating back to 2010. The same thing will happen if you do a search on Vladek Filler.

They are historically entwined, these two. Kellett is the now sanctioned and disgraced prosecutor from Hancock County, Maine who is nonetheless allowed to continue her extralegal and injudicious attacks on the citizens of Maine from a rampantly corrupt office under DA Carletta Bassano’s enabling watch.

Filler is her most famous victim; the man she had convicted of sexual assault by misleading a jury, withholding exculpatory evidence, instructing police not to comply with defense subpoenas and a number of other acts of malfeasance.

As most know, Filler’s conviction has been overturned due directly to Kellett’s misconduct, and she eventually became the first prosecutor in the history of Maine to ever be referred to the Maine State Supreme Court for disciplinary action.

It is fair to say that the Kellett-Filler story is the story of AVFM. Before the bigots of Toronto, the cacophonic wailing of a legion of outraged ideologues, the many threats to sue and silence us found their way here to be summarily dismissed, there was the story of Vladek Filler, a loving father and husband savaged by a court system that was as toxic and malicious as his former wife.

Because, however, the readership of AVFM, and many other men’s organizations, including SAVE and NCFM, stood up to expose and protest this injustice, the course of Vladek Filler’s story was changed for the better.

As long and arduous as our trek has become, and despite our joy that Vladek is now free and with his children, it is not over.  Justice has still not been served, and will never be served until a broom has been taken to the Ellsworth Prosecutor’s Office, and a thorough housecleaning has been performed.

And because of what we have done as a movement, this is now possible.

Carletta Bassano has wisely decided after being stained with Kellett’s disgrace not to run for re-election. That, in and of itself, means nothing. The problem there is systemic. Two of the same office’s cronies have stepped up to run, one as a Democrat, the other as a Republican. Paul Cavanaugh, one of the would be contenders, made a play to get a judge to gag AVFM from writing about Kellett’s antics when we were bringing so much local attention to her conduct.

This is how the club wants to “replace” Bassano.

The point here is, of course, that two of the same crew are now aiming to corner the political market on the upcoming election for the “new” District Attorney. The result of that will be that Mary Kellett remains there as a malignant prosecutor, finding a new Vladek Filler under every rock; and finding more children to damage and destroy in the process.

The result will be that the same back-slapping band of criminals will be doing business as usual in Ellsworth, Maine, victimizing the community it is supposed to protect.

This is part of a complicated insider’s network, with a long and complex story, but for the first time there is some actual hope that business as usual in this little corner of Maine can be changed to “yesterday’s news.”

Political opponents to the gang in charge now smell blood in the water. Despite all the spin, the power and influence that these players have exerted over media sources like the Bangor Daily News, and the public denial of corruption from people like Cavanaugh, there is a growing element in the Hancock County community that is tired of the embarrassment, and, quite frankly, tired of the corruption.

There is a growing consciousness that something is just plain rotten, and with it a push to do something about it. As one outsider candidate, experienced former prosecutor and local defense attorney Steve Juskowitch, said,  “I know what’s wrong and I know how to fix it.”

He is not talking about street crime. He is talking about Carletta Bassano’s prosecutor’s office.

It is just my opinion, but “fixing it” can only mean one thing coming from Juskowitch, who has spoken out often and publicly about the misconduct of that prosecutor’s office.

That is why I am going to Maine next month, and that is why I am inviting you, challenging you, to join me.

On Saturday, May 31, 2014 there will be a rally staged on the courthouse steps of the Hancock and Washington County Courthouse in Ellsworth, Maine. I will be speaking there, and so will local political leaders, all of us with one thing in mind.

Ending the corruption.

The event is being sponsored by Integrity 4 Maine.

I would like to urge all those who can possibly make this rally to attend. And if you can’t make it, please help us by posting this to your Facebook page or Tweeting it. Write about the event on your blog or mention it on your favorite forum. Even if you have differences with AVFM, you still most likely abhor the conduct of people like Mary Kellett, Paul Cavanaugh and Carletta Bassano, and this is a great opportunity to help bring about a change for the better where it matters.

The time for standing by idly, or even just writing about it, when entrusted public servants abuse their power and authority is over.  These corrupt officials have been destroying families and children for years, hiding behind false narratives and smiling into the face of a misled, betrayed public.

It is time to wipe that smile off their smug faces for good.

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