Tsumami of Old Sperm Hits US – TV Drama Issues Alert

There are 40,000 untested rape kits sitting on dusty shelves….no, strike that. There are 140,000 untested rape kits lingering in the moldy backrooms of…no, strike that too. There are 500,000 untested rape kits hidden deep in the shadows of police stations and warehouses all across America. Hidden! Just like the terrible rapist hidden in the body and soul of every human male above the age of twelve years old.

500,000 rapes. 500,000 times the police have deftly discarded the evidence that could have prevented these demons from striking again, but rather than make the effort, they hid their shame where no one could find it. Thankfully, Dick Wolf, Creator and Executive Producer for the television show, Law and Order, had the vision (or better, an actress on the show – let’s not give a man too much credit) to let American women know of this crisis.

We all know that men love to rape women. A man’s rape impulse traces all the way down to the sticky wads of DNA that they leave in, on and around their victims. A man, one could assume, would rape anything. A dog. A fern. A hot meatloaf fresh from the oven. Men are rapists. It’s that simple. To continue with rape party that America has become, they hide the evidence of their crime. Thank the lord for Police Procedural Television. Where would we be without it?

But wait, maybe there’s more to this?

Rape hysteria is a favorite weapon of feminists. Money is a favorite thing of business. Capitalizing on confusion and hyperbole is a favorite strategy of politicians and for the last thirty years, gathering personal data with no definite purpose from private citizens has been a favorite activity our security apparatus.

First – The Disclaimer

Is rape terrible? Yeah. It is.

And now, the disturbing reality

Where did all of those rape kits come from? Is it possible that storing these away wasn’t a conscious decision to keep women from the justice they so obviously deserve?

There’s this incredibly ground breaking and highly unConstitutional law called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Sounds great. No decent person actually wants violence against women. I certainly don’t. I also don’t care for violence against men.

The short version of what this law accomplishes, concerning rape kits, follows:

A woman is entitled to a free “rape,” exam even if she chooses not to press charges. In other words, rape kits are free to women in clinics and hospitals, no charges and no police necessary. Nationwide, baby! They can also be given in situations where a woman doesn’t request it. Say, when she’s unconscious.

The catch phrase you will hear in the MSM over the next – forever – will be, “decides not to cooperate with law enforcement.” Previously, if a woman requested a rape kit, the police were brought in and if she didn’t press charges, she might just get a bill for about $800 two or three weeks later.

That’s what the, ‘decides not to cooperate,’ means. She didn’t press charges. Maybe she decided she wasn’t raped. Maybe she was frightened and maybe….who knows?

VAWA was designed to give women some flexibility in their rape charges. If they decided the next day or a few days later not to press charges, they had an out, no bill and the police had to let the matter go. The police may have never even been called. But – the rape kits were stored, just in case if she decided to press charges.

So why are there all of these rape kits? What’s with the tidal wave of old sperm? Is it a backlog? If you were to listen to the feminist’s numbers, there are $320,000,000 worth of untested rape kits out there and virtually every state in the country, all of whom were mandated to keep these, refused to pay for the testing in cases where the woman chose not to press charges. Some of those kits don’t even have an actual person associated with them.

Read that number again. Three hundred twenty million dollars.

So where did all of the rape kits come from? VAWA gives hospitals the ability to perform a procedure guaranteed to be paid for by the state. States decided not to bite and stored the kits rather than pay for processing (in cases where the evidence was unnecessary or a case was never brought). That’s a literal pile of golden sperm and people are coming to collect.

Did you think Dick Wolf put that story line in his show for free? The average statute of limitations for rape is around 5 years (though most states have loopholes). It’s pretty hard to convince a jury that a rape occurred when you didn’t bother to press charges five, seven or ten years ago.

What does that tell us? Most of those rape kits, however many there actually are, and however many can be traced to an actual person, apply to cases that could never conceivably be won.

Welcome to the business of feminism.

Was it about rape or money (for hospitals and the organizations that can go out and lobby for the federal government to pay for those untested kits)?

For politicians, is it about rape or having the ability to peel another fifty or so million from the budget and give it to the people you want to give it to so that they can perform tests on kits that are, for the most part, attached to nothing?

Yeah – I think rape kit is a good term for this.

Right about now, if you are a feminist, you hate every word I’ve written and the implications behind them. If you’re not, hopefully you hate the picture that the VAWA paints and this whole rotten gambit on the part of feminists in league with the crooked souls behind these charades.

Good. Let’s join hands in our hatred of this incredibly clever and terrible system.

I imagine a rape victim’s perspective, if they happen to be female.  is that to push forward with a rape charge is a soul crushing, traumatic experience. That’s reasonable, and many, not out of cowardice, but out of a desire to simply live, will just want to move on. Leave the evidence on the shelf, let the guilty party know that it’s there, the police are aware of him and he’d do best to get out of town. If she’s a college student, given the relaxed requirements for evidence in academic institutions, the rape kit isn’t even necessary. From that perspective, the VAWA achieves something. It gives a woman power in a situation that robs and violates a person’s power. I get it.

Now think of a man’s perspective. Given the current flavor of rape hysteria in the United States, if a man and a woman become intoxicated and have intercourse, he’s a rapist and she’s a victim. She couldn’t consent. Feminists conveniently forget that he couldn’t consent either. Haven’t we all rolled over in bed after a night of heavy drinking, seen the creature that lay beside us and felt victimized?

Feminists also like to paint a picture where if a man’s DNA is found in a rape kit (not necessarily from sperm – it could be from a strand of hair), he’s a rapist. That might be true if he had been charged and convicted, but now, by not pressing charges and just putting that kit on a shelf, the massive machine that is law enforcement and national security can take that man’s DNA and start playing with it. They can toss it in databases and run it against any DNA found at any crime scene anywhere.

Guess what – the same goes for the girl. That’s right, she left her DNA and blood and tissue and hair samples in those kits too.

Does this matter? Yes.

By using this twisting, weaving, clever little road, feminists and the powers that be managed to create a system where women are given a set of options where they are most likely not going to press charges in the cases that matter.

You read that right. There’s no pressure to actually go after the real rapists, but there is an incentive to have the evidence collected when there wasn’t a rape. For example, on those days when you roll over in the morning and don’t like what you see.

This gambit, and that’s all that it is, gives authorities the ability to gather and maintain incredibly personal data that will be processed and held indefinitely. It isn’t even evidence. Oh, and there’s the $320,000,000 for the insurance industry – they had to get their piece. Do you see?

If there is ever a time when it is a good thing for police to pressure a victim, rape is it. Of those supposed 400,000 rape kits, at least a few should have been processed, charges should have been brought and a person should have gone to prison. This would have made the world safer for all of us. How many of those people will actually be convicted now? How many would have been convicted if the police weren’t cut out of the mix?

But in those supposedly 400,000 untested rape kits, there is a wealth of personal information associated with people who have never been charged or convicted of a crime. Frankly, the vast majority never did anything. They remained untested because someone casually decided not to press charges or because there wasn’t a person to associate with the test or, simply, because there wasn’t a case. Yet all of that personal information, the imprint of your being, was collected and stored. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing in this world is free.

To put it simply – The Violence Against Women Act helped truly violent people go free, helped some businesses prepare for a large payday, helped feminists further their rape hysteria and you, ladies and gentlemen – you got raped. You got to go through the exact same data collection procedure that a convicted criminal goes through without ever having a charge brought.

Oh, that’s right, you also get to pay for it in the form of taxes and debt.

Double rape.

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