Six year old Hunter Yelton is suspended from school and labeled with sexual harassment, for kissing a girl on the hand

Are school officials interested in education and the well-being of students anymore, or are they just a bunch of sociopathic, opportunistic scumbags willing to savage children for the sake of political correctness and to get back slaps from their left-of-Mao, morally derelict cohorts in the teachers union?

Never mind, the question was rhetorical. And if it wasn’t, it was just given another resounding answer by Robin Gooldy, district superintendent over Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City, Colorado, where he just explained the suspension of six year old Hunter Yelton, for, get this, kissing a girl on the hand, an apparently at some point, her cheek.

Oh, and they also stamped “sexual harassment” on his permanent school record.

I started to write this up as a news story, but I was too pissed off to keep my opinion out of it.

Now, I am not going to waste keystrokes explaining how a six year old doesn’t understand sex, much less sexual harassment. Nor am I going to offer a step by step rationale why behavior of this kind is perfectly normal. If you need that explained to you, then I can only suggest Googling “Darwin Awards” and then just using your limited brain power on not getting one. Either that, or consider a career in education.

What I am going to address here is Gooldy. He’s the (insert whatever you like here) who offered the following rationale when he was questioned as to why the school officials acted like a band of crazed vigilantes over a schoolyard kiss.

“The focus needs to be on his behavior,” said the (insert whatever you like here), “We usually try to get the student to stop, but if it continues, we need to take action and it sometimes rises to the level of suspension.”

And red stamping his school records with “sexual harassment.”

He also said that no legal action is anticipated because it was only a violation of school policy.

Hear that, Hunter, you lucky little bastard? It was just school policy so you don’t have to worry about the slammer. But keep this up and you might end up there about the time you figure out what “sexual harassment” means.

But, seriously folks, and all of this is serious, what kind of empty headed and heartless policy automaton do you have to be to answer questions about this insanity in such a meaningless way? Did he even really hear the question that he was asked? I am thinking, no.

One more time, Gooldy, where it concerns the fact you have taken the opportunity assist in the development of a child, whose care has been entrusted to you, and turned that into an abuse of that child, the question is:

What the fuck were you thinking?

Yes, yes, I know, “The focus needs to be on his behavior,” right? That is certainly the safe-for-school-administration answer. After all, that’s what’s important, right? God help Gooldy if the focus was ever on his behavior.

By the way, the witch hunt was apparently headed not by Gooldy, who just played cleanup, but by the school’s female principle. I went through a several news stories and did not see her name in print, even among the repetitious instances of “Hunter Yelton.”

Name the victim, protect the perpetrator. That is the way the other media rolls these days.

I have little else I can find to say about this. Folks, the world is not going crazy. It is already gone. From the robotic posturing of school officials to the fact that Hunter’s mother is the only person I see that is so far screaming bloody murder at these lunatics in charge of our young boys, it is hard to have much hope.

We saw the same thing with Mike Campbell, whose actions as a school principle led directly to the suicide death of Christian Adamek, with the parents of Sparkman High School kids literally cheering him on.

We saw it again with Johnny Jones, a fifth-grade student at South Eastern School District in Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania, who was suspended from school for making and imaginary bow and arrow in class.

And we saw it again in September, when officials in Virginia suspended two grade 7 boys from school for playing with toy guns, in their own home.

Yes, school officials have decided that their policies now extend past the school grounds and into the private lives and property of students and their parents.

The pedagogy is becoming state muscle on a level never seen before, and it is inflicting its insanity on just about anyone it wants, though its primary victims are male children.

At least that explains why no one is doing anything about it. Yet. I still have to believe that at some point parents will begin to wake up to the fact that our schools have become places where administrators and teachers come to hurt children.

If they can stop shopping and watching football long enough to figure this out, there will be hell to pay. Until then, Mom and Dad, please keep making those PTA meetings and tell the good folks at the school that they are doing just swell, until they come for your son.

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