Prosecutor Mary Kellett Needs Your Help — To Leave Her Job

AVFM does not endorse any political party or specific candidate. We do, however, endorse the general welfare of men and boys. In that spirit, it is time to show prosecutors Mary Kellett, Carletta Bassano, Paul Cavanaugh, and William Entwisle the door.


Mary Kellett’s district attorney’s office in Ellsworth, Maine, which controls both Hancock and Washington counties, is up for reelection.  It appears after more than 30 years of terrorizing the community with selective and corrupt prosecutions, the Kellett gang is faced with a community that wants change and opposition that smells blood in the water.

The Vladek Filler affair was a watershed moment which neither Kellett, nor Bassano, nor the community in Maine can ignore.

Last year, following years of prosecuting Vladek Filler and scores of other innocent men, Mary Kellett finally earned the distinction of being the first prosecutor in Maine history to be found guilty of and sanctioned for misconduct.  Her consequences for withholding evidence of Filler’s innocence, ignoring court orders and instructing police to violate defense subpoenas for exculpatory evidence only resulted in a 30 day suspension – which was suspended. It is paltry punishment on the surface, but a devastating career blow just the same.

The Maine Supreme Court Judge Ellen Gorman accepted Kellett’s plea deal with the Bar Counsel and stated:

“This is a serious sanction…It is a sanction that will continue to follow Ms. Kellett for the rest of her life. Should she decide or be asked to leave the prosecutors office, it would hamper, if not completely preclude, her ability to find practice outside of a prosecutors office.”

In other words, Kellett is now damaged goods, untenable for private practice but still allowed to continue her spree of malfeasance from the Ellsworth DA office.  Her supervisor, DA Carletta Bassano, sees nothing wrong with Kellett  and told the local newspaper, “I have full confidence in Mary, her judgment and the performance of her responsibilities.”

That confidence is what assisted Mary Kellett all the way to the State Supreme Court for sanctions by enabling her to act so brazenly with the power of here office.  It is the confidence produced by a culture of corruption in the Ellsworth DA’s office.

Today they want that to continue  by  cornering the District Attorney’s election.


Enter ADA Paul Cavanaugh. Yeah, the same Paul Cavanaugh who continued to legally harass Filler in Mary Kellett’s stead.

The second candidate is Kellett’s office buddy, assistant district attorney William Entwisle, who is running as a Democrat with hopes of “continuing the work that the District Attorney’s Office has been doing.” He boasts of being a board member of a local VAWA funded group, “Next Step DV Project.”


It is interesting to note that Kellett’s and Bassano’s office employs 28 people — of which only 3 are men, and two of them are now running to perpetuate the insiders club that has already run amok.

One is running as a Republican and one as a Democrat.

They are not, however, alone in the race.

Matthew Foster is an Ellsworth Maine defense attorney who came close to beating Carletta Bassano in the 2010 election.  It is unknown what he plans to do to clean up that corrupt DA office or whether he will be willing to fire or prosecute Mary Kellett, but it is clear he is willing to call out deceptions from the office.


He is running as a Republican and more information about Matthrew Foster can be found on his website and Facebook page:

If Mary Kellett has a political enemy, it is a former prosecutor and local defense attorney Steve Juskowitch. He ran against Carletta Bassano and her predecessor, the notorious Boss Hog of Hancock County, former DA Michael Povich.  Povich was the longtime DA who made Carletta Bassano, Paul Cavanaugh, and Mary Kellett what they are today. Against tough odds, Juskewitch ran again and again in hopes of removing both Povich and his crew from office.  He previously ran as a Republican and Independent, but is currently running as a Democrat for reasons that make sense to him.


It is also noteworthy that for a long time Juskewitch has been defending Kellett’s victims and speaking out against Kellett’s office for their unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial discretion.  He was the only Ellsworth attorney who showed up to speak out as a press conference held by SAVE at Vladek Filler’s hearing:

More about Steve Juskewitch can be found on his website:

The publicity surrounding the Filler case has changed the political climate  in the Bar Harbor area. For the first time in 35 years, the control enjoyed in two counties by the clan of Povich prosecutors is no longer assured.

Currently Filler is currently going through an uncommon proceeding called a Post Conviction Review. He is challenging his misdemeanor conviction on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct by Mary Kellett and Paul Cavanaugh, and he has a case. The people of Ellsworth Maine may have had enough.

The Primary Elections will be held on June 10.

A Voice For Men intends to follow the Primary and general election very closely and strongly encourages everyone to speak out against the corrupt practices of the current prosecutor’s and voice their support for Matt Foster and Steve Juskewitch for the Primary elections.

Post Comments in articles below to call for Mary Kellett, Carletta Bassano, and Paul Cavanaugh to be elected out and fired from the Ellsworth DA office:

Oh, and if you live in the area as a registered voter, you now have options in two different political parties. Take your pick.

Does this guarantee that there will never be unfair prosecutions in Ellsworth, Maine again? In short, of course not. Votes for Cavenaugh or Entwistle, however, are guaranteed to roll snake eyes. More of the same crew, more of the same corruption.

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