Pauley Perrette Co-Conspirator John Nazarian Under Investigation, AVfM asks for Restraining Order

There have been recent some developments since the previous posts regarding corrupt, unethical, and Pauley Perrette criminal co-conspirator, private investigator John “How to throw your husband out (by dialing 911 and falsely accusing him)” Nazarian.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services has officially opened an investigation out of their headquarters Sacramento Office, into the unethical and criminal activities of Mr. Nazarian, Case # IA2014927.

You can see the latest AVFM fax sent to Investigator Mr. William Ziegler, wherein it was asked that the Department of Consumer Affairs petition for a restraining order against Mr. Nazarian while the investigation is under way. Under California state law, Mr. Nazarian will have to surrender all firearms and provide proof to the court of doing so. As the AVFM fax indicates, there have been additional complaints filed with the FBI, Los Angeles Field Office.

Besides Mr. Francis Shivers and his immediate family members, there were other persons and organizations to be included and listed as protected persons in the restraining order petition. Since word has spread via twitter campaigns, it appears that others have also contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs or who have filed complaints of Nazarian’s abhorrent, unethical, and criminal conduct.

It is re-assuring to a certain extent that another of the dozen different governmental entities and oversight bodies has officially opened an investigation into the criminal activity flagrantly flaunted by Mr. Nazarian, and his involvement in the Pauley Perrette “Star Crazy” celebrity/public corruption scandal.

To date, we are still waiting to hear what, if anything, the Los Angeles County Grand Jury is doing with respect to the public corruption complaint that was filed on July 31, 2013, that consisted of over 1,500 pages of information.

We are still waiting to see what the California State Bar will do with the complaints involving Perrette criminal co-conspirators, attorneys Alexandra Lavinsky and Ronald Litz, and Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Gertz. As of yet, despite providing PROOF of criminal conduct on the part of these lawyers, there has been no action or sanctions levied by the State Bar.

The readers who have been following this case have indicated that they not only want to see action, they want to see booking photos. We agree, and AVFM and the volunteers, advocates, trial watchers, and others who have participated in this ongoing saga will not rest and will not stop until these criminals are behind bars.

Recently, an organized online effort resulted in the hashtag #JusticeForCoyoteShivers trending worldwide three times in one day, peaking at Number 6. During the latest court hearing, #FreeCoyoteShivers had placed as the Number 2 Worldwide trending topic. There is a growing army demanding justice in this case.

The University of Illinois at Chicago revealed a report of an extensive study in February of 2012 that lists the City of Chicago as the most corrupt city in the U.S. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles came in a close second. We disagree and when you throw in the abuses of the restraining order system and the vast indifference of unethical and criminal conduct by some public officials and lawyers, we believe that LA should top the list.

We’ll see what comes out of this investigation of Mr. Nazarian and it is hoped that his title will change from Mister to Inmate Number. Maybe John will luck out and become cellmates with the other corrupt LA PI to the Stars Anthony Pellicano, who is currently a resident of the Federal Department of Corrections.

For those readers who have contacted us and others; if you have information or a complaint involving Mr. John, please call Mr. William Ziegler in Sacramento @ (916) 575-7000 or fax (916) 574-8676. Please voice your concerns of threats, witness intimidation, or possible acts of retaliation or reprisal from the LAPD, the LA County District Attorney’s Office, or the Office of the LA City Attorney.

It is recommended that complaints or information be put in fax form and to obtain a fax confirmation to provide proof of an electronic trail of information. If you must talk to someone on the phone, record your conversation and to be in compliance with California State Law, you must advise the other party that you are recording the conversation.

A copy of the letter FAX’d to the California Department of Consumer Affairs can be found here:

Nazarian Restraining Order Request.pdf

Also spread the word via the twitter and social media campaigns. Use hashtags #FreeCoyoteShivers, #JusticeForCoyoteShivers and #BoycottNCIS and include “@” your favorite news media personality or show, and links to some of these articles:

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