A Touch of Happy

I remember Karen Straughan asking Paul Elam in an interview if AVFM was averse to publishing happy moments. AVFM can often come across as “doom and gloom” due to the nature of its content, but that isn’t to say that AVFM is wallowing in apocalyptic proselytizing or that its writers are nihilistic. The truth is, we understand that the good days outnumber the bad, but it’s the bad we need to focus on by necessity. There’s no point in trying to bring awareness to fix parts that are already subjectively “right” with our lives. It’s the bad that needs to be dealt with.
Having said that, much of our lives are fairly satisfactory and/or happy. On top of that, most people like to be somewhat private. After all, how credible can a site be if the majority of articles are about long walks on the beach, or dry-humping in the kitchen, or mock-playing at abusive spouse? I could write a whole long-winded article about how much joy I get out of bitching and complaining while mowing the excessively large lawn I don’t know why I have that is overflowing with equipment to occupy yard apes who leave snack wrappers in the damnedest of places; I’m sure a neighbor’s sock drawer is close to empty. But I digress.
It was Father’s Day, or so I’m told. The days all blur together and holidays tend to just pop up, like yesterday, when I got home from work. Anyhow, I thought I’d share a touch of happiness for all the haters who think my life is miserable for having opinions about relationships that don’t jive with gynocentrism.

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