10-year-old raped Afghan girl: An expose on the international corruption of feminism

There is a huge amount of evidence about deep-level corruption within international feminism, which will be discussed in a future article. But we cannot afford to leave it entirely until then, as a recent case among countless ones of this type prompts bringing the matter into the light.

There are many women’s groups included in foreign budgets in the Middle East whose one and only task is to fabricate outright lies and horror stories for the international media. They watch as 98% of those executed in Iran are men and take sadistic pleasure in it; then if a woman gets a death sentence, women’s groups start feeding lies to their western employers and allies. All of a sudden, a death sentence for a murderess becomes “she is being executed for being raped” or something like that.

Several cases of such behavior will be discussed in an upcoming article. Here, however, considering my recent article on Afghanistan, it is apropos to look at a recent case.

A mullah in Kunduz, Afghanistan, raped a 10-year-old girl. Yadegar Afghanistan, Bayan Shomal, Tolo News, َAfghanistan ShafaqnaAfghanistan Today, Shayan Afghanistan, and all other Afghan newspapers and media that had interviewed the police, the family, and authorities reported the same thing:

The mullah had migrated to Kunduz for less than three months; the family sent their child to him as an instructor, he raped her, so the family took the girl to the hospital, where the rape was officially confirmed. The mullah is arrested, the family is outraged and are asking that the mullah get the death sentence by gallows in public. The women’s minister has said that the man should be executed in public, and finally that another girl was also raped a week prior to this, in retaliation of which the family of the girl did not wait for legal punishment, so they cut off the mullah’s nose and ears.

In fact, you cannot find a single news outlet in Farsi that says anything else.

Then all of a sudden The New York Times runs a story, and here is a synopsis of their version:

A 10-year-old girl is raped by a mullah in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The family wants to perform an honor killing against the girl. The girl has been taken to a shelter run by Dr. Hassina Sarwari, the head of Women for Afghan Women. People think it is an American-run organization, but it is not. The family has threatened Dr. Hassina Sarwari. She feels there are enough death threats against her that she has been on occasion driven to hiding. The police have given the girl to the family, who openly wants to kill her and bury the shame.

Wow. Shall we compare the stories? (And, by the way, The New York Times piece is followed now by others.)

The authorities said her family members openly planned to carry out an “honor killing” in the case.

No authority has ever said that. The chief of police, for instance, was interviewed by Bayan Shomal and never said such a thing. In fact, the only source in Farsi with that claim is a translation of The New York Times article on feminist websites, of course. As we’ll proceed, you’ll find that the only source The New York Times ever gives for their claims is from Women for Afghan Women.

This organization, which only has an English website, claims they have had the girl in their shelter. Other sources, however, say that the girl has been with her family all the time. Now they add this:

Most of the anger in Kunduz has been focused not on the mullah but on the women’s activists and the shelter, which is one of seven operated across Afghanistan by Women for Afghan Women, an Afghan-run charity that is heavily dependent on American aid, from both government and private donors.

“People know this office as the Americans’ office,” Dr. Sarwari said. “They all think the shelter is an American shelter. There isn’t a single American here,” she said.

“W.A.W. is not American-run,” said Manizha Naderi, its executive director. “Every single staff member is an Afghan. They are from the communities we work in. Our only concern is to make sure women and girls are protected and that they get justice.”

That should sound very fishy if you have the skills for reading between the lines.

Ms. Geyah said she showed photos of the girl to government officials and prosecutors to prove that she was much too young to have consented. Dr. Sarwari said, “We wanted to give her a face, to make her real to them.”

What the fuck are they talking about? Only hours after the incident, right there in the hospital, rape was verified and the police confirmed the story according to ALL sources. They are making it look like as if it needs explaining because patriarchy, while in reality, if a girl says rape, everybody believes her. Really? That is the patriarchy? Authorities of the Women’s Ministry, Mojgan Safavi and Nadereh Giah, have stated regarding this case that rapists should be executed. So says the family of the girl.

Such honor killings in rape cases are common in Afghanistan, and are often more important to the victim’s family than vengeance against the attacker.

This claim is a manufactured bullcrap, which every time you hear it, you should know it is a red flag for huge propaganda at work. They have started with theories, and now they need lies to verify themselves. If anything, on many occasions, families brutally kill the rapist.

I wonder if people who buy into this sort of bullshit even know that all this happened more than two months ago, the girl has been with her family ever since, and, surprise, she is alive. The mullah who is in prison since then is awaiting his punishment, most probably a death sentence.

I encourage you to read The New York Times piece in its entirety and pay attention to the fact that all of the stories there come from one person: a Dr. Sarwari, the head of Women for Afghan Women, who is desperate for money, as the article depicts very well. I dare you to find anything there that has come from another person. Pay careful attention also to damseling skills in that piece and how women’s advocates are supposedly victims in a country where their women’s minister can push any form of crap.

She also claims she has received phone threats from the family of the girl. Dr. Fucking Sarwari, does the family of the girl know that you have insulted them with these accusations? Why do you want to victimize their traumatized child by lies? You are not better than the rapist, I should say. Or was the story only for the English media and American money?

Just go read the piece and then compare it with the following translation of the same story from Bayan Shomal:

Kunduz: Amin-Allah, a mosque’s mullah imam in Kubhi of the city Kunduz, has raped his 10-year-old female student yesterday (May 2).

This child, who is in Shahid Doctor Azizollah Safar hospital, says, The mullah imam of the mosque in which she studied took her to a garden by force and raped her.

The chief of police of Kunduz, Samunaval Veis-e-ddin Talash, confirmed the story and said to Bayan Shomal: It has been almost three months that Aminollah has come here as a mullah imam.

He added: “Mullah Aminollah taught religious-sciences and Quran to children and now is arrested and remains in police’s custody.”

Meanwhile, Doctor Abdol-Ghodus Miakhil, the head of the hospital, reports that the girl’s health is in good condition.

Parents of the child, while seeking punishment for Aminollah, say they had sent their daughter to the mosque to learn.

Similarly, several days ago in Central Welsevally of Boghlan, a mullah imam’s aunt and her husband cut off the nose and ears of the mullah for raping their daughter.

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