#MeToo hysteria and the virtue signalling of Young, Paglia, and Sommers

In the following video Janice Fiamengo tackles the #MeToo sexual assault hysteria currently sweeping the Western world, along with the virtue-signalling of people like Christina Hoff-Sommers, Camille Paglia, and Cathy Young who have been quick to throw men under the guilt-bus.

When the #MeToo scandal began to expose not only the men accused of sexual misconduct, but also women who had not ‘spoken up’ about it soon enough, the chattering elite were pressured to signal their proverbial virtue. Sommers, Paglia and Young quickly rose to the podium to wag a finger at the alleged perpetrators and the alleged culture of male sexual deviancy as if it were an unassailable, proven fact.

With the hysteria and virtue signalling climbing to a fevered pitch, Janice Fiamengo proposes that #iDontBelieve should provide a rational and counterbalancing trend for 2018

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