Shivers – and justice – remanded by Judge Kathryn Solorzano

In what is now a very unsurprising, even routine miscarriage of justice, Francis “Coyote” Shivers was taken into custody yesterday on the orders of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathryn Solorzano. For those who are unfamiliar with this story, Shivers’ sudden incarceration stems from his high conflict divorce from actress Pauley Perrette, and a litany of questionable, possibly criminal actions on her part which now appear to be sanctioned and enabled from the bench of Judge Solorzano.
Different perspectives on the case have now been published here from myself, Suzanne McCarley and Dr. Tara Palmatier. Much of the evidence presented on this site documents that in the minds and experience of people who know Perrette intimately, she is a serial false accuser with an in depth knowledge of the use of restraining orders as a legal bludgeon against individuals who anger or disappoint her.
It appears that the arrest of Francis Shivers is another success story in her illicit use of such legal instruments.
In anticipation of yesterday’s hearing in Los Angeles, A Voice for Men, along with the National Coalition for Men, enlisted the services of Michael Conzachi, a licensed private investigator and 28 year veteran law enforcement officer and police investigator in Southern California.
Conzachi attended the hearing at which Shivers was remanded and raised several areas of concern, particularly with court events which were inconsistent with his extensive experience with California legal proceedings. All this is detailed in his report.
Report to AVFM/NCFM
Conzachi Resumé
Aside from Conzachi’s reservations as stated in the report, AVFM has another overarching concern, particularly in regard to Judge Kathryn Solorzano’s conduct.
Francis Shivers essentially had his probation revoked and was remanded into custody because of a Facebook post identifying Pauley Perrette as his “stalker” or “false accuser.” The claimed concern of the court is that such public statements might incite someone to take unilateral, vigilante actions against Perrette.
On the surface those concerns might seem reasonable enough.

The real effects of the decisions of Judge Kathryn Solorzano are more far reaching.

As the articles from AVFM were entered into evidence, or at least mentioned to Judge Kathryn Solorzano, the court has sufficient reason to be equally concerned that such incitement is a two way street, and that Pauley Perrette has a string of allegations against her from credible sources alleging that her conduct in publicly persecuting Francis Shivers makes the Facebook post look like a mild joke in comparison.
Our sources and court documents indicate that Perrette has engaged in a lengthy public campaign to portray Francis Shivers as an abuser, rapist, stalker and false accuser; that he is a borderline psychotic emotional and physical terrorist out to ruin her life. She has publicized these unproven accusations about Shivers, not on a Facebook post, but in national media using her status as a celebrity to draw attention to her alleged struggles.
We also have sources that confirm that Shivers has received a high volume of threatening and hostile communications, assumedly from some of Perrette’s many fans as a result of her campaign.
Yet there is no court order preventing her from doing any of this, and clearly no concern from the court about it.
Whether this is a product of Mr. Shivers having poor representation in court, a court bias based on Perrette’s sex and celebrity status, or Shivers’ previous reluctance to avail himself to protective measures that would have shielded him from these actions is not known. It could likely be a combination of all three.
What we do know is that money, fame and power tend to go hand in hand with favorable court rulings, especially when the law and the system already function on biased based on sex alone.
Francis Shivers, regardless of the evidence and facts in this case, had every strike against him imaginable before the gavel ever hit the wood. He was ordered to wear a gag while his ex-wife was handed a megaphone and a baseball bat.
A simple Facebook post, which Shivers’ wife testified under oath that he did not even make (she did), was enough to bring the wrath of the kourt down on him in a fury.
Francis Shivers never had a chance. Neither did the long dead idea of free speech.

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