Judge Lori Jackson & the 1st amendment

Bwahahaha! A judge who appears to have never heard of Freeedom of the Press.

Yes, your Dishonor, please, do seek to enjoin us to take down the information which proves that you sent children to live with a mentally ill, violent child abuser. Also, while you’re at it, please issue us an order to stop saying mean things about you, you incompetent idiot who almost certainly shook your law degree out of a crackerjack box. Please feel free to add me to your court order by name, you incompetent, child abuse enabling baboon. I’ll make sure copies of your order get published prominently everywhere, along with my opinions on what I think about your order, Your Dishonor.

Lori, your husband is best buddies with the lawyer of the child abuser you recently forcibly sent children to live with, and you yourself are reportedly family friends with the child abuser’s best friend. Does this have any bearing on the fact that, despite the children telling multiple agents of the court that she beat them with a belt with metal buttons, tore out their hair, and regularly screamed at them such that they hid from her on an almost daily basis, you intentionally ignored their best interests and expressed desires? I’m not surprised you’re embarrassed to see all this in public, or that you’re embarrassed that everyone can see the fact that you discarded all the recommendations from multiple professionals and officers of the court, or the fact that under West Virginia law the children are old enough to testify on their own behalf but you refused to allow them to do so even though they were right there and wanted to talk to you. All to protect your friends and family, right? What’s a little child abuse between friends? Especially if a woman commits it, she probably had her reasons right?

I’m also sure you’re embarrassed that we’re exposing the fact that you’re now pressuring their Guardian Ad Litem to file motions that include hand-written notes from yourself trying to force the children’s father to be represented without counsel. You pathetic excuse for a human being who should never be allowed to sit on any bench outside of a public park. It’s amusing that even being pressured by you to fill out this motion, the Guardian Ad Litem dropped the fact that she thinks the children have already suffered terrible abuse and that exposing their suffering to the public, which you have enabled, may just make things worse.

Yeah, worse how? Except for you, you lizard in a black robe.

For residents of Harrison County, West Virginia, who may have accidentally voted for the child-abusing judge Lori B. Jackson, please read this, then listen to this, then, if you would, sign this.

And if you don’t live in West Virginia, please feel free to listen, read, and sign anyway. Even if the Dishonorable Lori B. Jackson isn’t impeached (which she very well might be), we will make sure Harrison County voters know all this when it’s re-election time for you, dear sweet child-abusing Judge Lori B. Jackson of Harrison County West Virginia.

If anyone wants more details, feel free to read this and this and this.

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