Recently AVFM welcomed Gary Trieste as a new contributor to the site. I wish it had been under better circumstances.

His story left me in tears, even as I was prepping it in the admin for publishing. It is one of the most heartbreaking, outrageous and infuriating stories of family court abuse, including abuses by Children’s Protective Services that I have seen.

And I have seen plenty.

It is the story of a father and child bond eviscerated; savaged by the very people entrusted to prevent such damaging abuse. Rather than be what it should have been, the thoughtful restructuring of a broken family, it was a chronology of hubris, arrogance and ghastly depraved indifference, not only by Mr. Trieste’s former wife, but by the family court and other state functionaries charged with protecting his child.

There is little I can add to this story in terms of what happened. Mr. Trieste has laid that out courageously for all of us. But the story is not complete without telling you who these people are.

Amy Greene
Amy Greene, just prior to scolding Gary Trieste about healthy nutrition for his daughter.

To begin with, the hostile, officious CPS worker, the obese woman in the purple sweater who held herself up as a nutrition, medication, child psychology and legal expert, all rolled up into one, is Amy Greene of Ulster County Child Protective Services. The other woman is Kelly Whittaker, also of UC CPS.

The judge in case at the time was Marianne O. Mizel, Ulster County Family Court Judge.

Thankfully, Mr. Trieste now has a different family court judge, one we hope works from the bench with more reason, respect for the law and more concern for the well-being for Mr. Trieste’s daughter.

The, ahem, mother involved, the one Mr. Trieste asserts is doping his child with powerful psychotropic medications intended for adults, is Suzanne M. Cayley. I note also that Amy Greene as much as confirms that in the video.

I don’t have anything further to say about these people, at this time. Their conduct, as outlined in the article by Mr. Treiste, and as amply  shown in the video he took of the CPS workers, speaks for itself.

I do want to make it clear that this is a case to which we will be paying a great deal of attention in the future. It is precisely the kind of court tyranny and state sponsored child abuse that typifies the corrupt and abusive nature of our family law system — and that demonstrates the need for organizations like A Voice for Men.

These indignations, so often ignored by an indifferent media, and hidden by the courts’ now routine coercion of its victims into silence, must be placed on the public record for examination in all the days that lay ahead.

These bad actors, Judge Mizel, Amy Greene, Kelly Whittaker and the womb donor, Suzanne Cayley, have as much as demanded that the public pay close attention to their actions. If you have any doubts about that, kindly go back and read Mr. Trieste’s article and watch that video again.

There is more video on this matter coming, and more articles as our investigation continues. It is a rabbit hole that runs very deep. As much as it is like watching a tragic train wreck, it is a spectacle of injustice from which we must not, in the name of decency, avert our eyes.

Feature image: Marianne O. Mizel, Ulster County Family Court Judge.

This article is the work of Paul Elam, copyright Sept 7, 2013. The text, research and opinions are solely the product and ownership of the author.

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