Jodi Arias: turning murder into T-shirt sales

Jodi Arias butchers her boyfriend, then becomes DV advocate while awaiting possible death sentence.

Jodi Arias is very busy these days designing T-shirts that have the word “survivor” written on them and is making it well known that 100% of the proceeds from these sales will go to Domestic Violence organizations. Jodi Arias is also now a convicted first degree murderess and death qualified convict after she slashed her boyfriend Travis Alexander’s throat from ear to ear, stabbed him 29 times, and shot him in the face.

Her defense was one clearly designed by feminists who cry “domestic violence” whenever women kill, not just to get murderesses a pass, but so their organizations can continue to get more and more VAWA money.

Voilà, we give you Jodi Arias, a poor victim of domestic violence who was just defending herself.

As her T-shirt campaign suggests, Jodi is a victim and survivor of abuse and even despite her conviction, she seems content in continuing this narrative. On May 21 of 2013, Jodi had the opportunity to have her life spared in the Death Penalty phase of her trial where she gave a 19 minute appeal to jurors on why she should live. In this appeal, Jodi asked jurors to let her live so that she could continue to sell her survivor T-shirts (which she held up for the world to see) and drive money to Domestic Violence organizations.

If you find this amazing, consider that four sentences before that, Jodi told jurors that she is “still amazed that she was capable of such violence.”


When I watched this video, especially at the end where Jodi pimped out her survivor T-shirt, I envisioned millions of feminist around the world standing up and cheering for who I imagine will be their poster girl for decades to come.

Arias will be their newest, bestest reason why governments around the world should revamp the judicial system to make sure that when a woman says she is a victim of domestic violence, even a murderous butcher of a woman with no evidence that she was ever harmed, that her word alone should be taken as gold.

Jodi is the future poster child for why every man on the planet should be put into prison, neutralizing them so that women and girls can prosper. In fact, I do believe that feminists right now are developing a media campaign where Jodi Arias and her blood stained T-shirts will be used to agitate the growing base of people who believe that men and boys are natural abusers, and that women are victims even when they murder people during psychotic rages.

I also believe that the Jodi Arias saga will renew calls from feminist leaders to ramp up talks with government officials around the world that women’s rights are still under seige.

To be honest, I know that Paul Elam stated that he believed Jodi Arias had a chance to be acquitted and walk out of the court room a free woman. I believed this as well because we have a long history of evidence from the courts that allow women to do unspeakable things, blame it on men, and then walk on whatever they were charged with.

Jodi’s defense team used Alyce Laviolette’s  “expert” opinion to prove that Jodi being a victim and survivor of abuse from both Travis Alexander (the dead guy) and her father, made her a killer. But what Alyce didn’t say is that Jodi  mentioned in court that she suffered abuse from her Mother as well. That conveniently got left out of Ms. LaViolette’s testimony.

In her world, Ms. LaViolette has read the feminist manifesto that teaches the notion that only men beat women. It should also be noted that she made short work of  blaming Travis for the fact that he is dead. I suppose she missed the victim blaming course in college.

Does anyone want to bet that Alyce LaViolette is a customer of Jodi Arias and bought one of her survivor T-Shirts? How long do you think it will be before we see women and white knights all over the world wearing these T-shirts in the name of feminism? And who wants to bet that the domestic violence industry will gladly rake in the money from these sales so they can continue to manufacture more drones that wear the hat of lobbyist? It should also be noted that Alyce LaViolette has a book out and there is little doubt in my mind that sales of her book skyrocketed because of the Jodi Arias murder trial.

If you are new to A Voice For Men, I wrote an article on this website about the Domestic Violence Industry that I believe every man and woman who has a male in their family should read.

So where is this teachable moment?

Jodi Arias’ Survivor T-Shirt Campaign Proves Domestic Violence Experts Are Insane And Unhealthy To Society

I want to make it very clear, I do believe that Jodi Arias is a victim, and it does relate to Domestic Violence, but not as a victim of violence. Professional feminists have done just a great job of conning Law Enforcement, Judges, Politicians, and a the general public into believing that “Domestic Violence,” one automatically means male on female violence.

So certain of this are we that even a psycho killer can hawk T-shirts without raising too many eyebrows.

All women have taught that they can do anything they want as a victim. They have been told, in effect, that they can harm people and then put out their hand begging for help, and expect it to be delivered.

It is much like using “best interest of the child” in order to push 85% of fathers to the outer margins of their children’s lives. Like “there is no excuse to hit a woman,” it is a statement designed to prevent an agenda, any agenda, can  be pursued without interference. And, if you do attempt to rebut, you are immediately labeled as a person who wants to do harm to women and/or children.

I believe that Jodi Arias was thinking along those lines when she planned Travis Alexander’s death, knowing that she could use this claim, even after her first lies were uncovered, because she has seen many women successfully use violence  as a tactical tool.

In short, feminist driven Domestic Violence theory led Jodi Arias into a false sense of security when she assumed that by using the violence card everyone in the courtroom would be so aghast that this gorgeous woman was a victim of horrible sexual and physical abuse that they would then let her walk out of court a free and famous woman that could make hundreds of millions of dollars selling her story and survivor T-Shirts.


Signs that Jodi Arias is an Insane Feminist and Unhealthy

  • When you are convicted of premeditated murder and facing the death penalty after a jury has discounted your claims of being a victim, you have to be insane to stand before them and bring your attention to a domestic violence survivor T-Shirt you are selling on the Internet, especially when you are a domestic offender;
  • If you are found guilty of premeditated murder and just minutes after that conviction find yourself giving media interviews trying to bring attention to domestic violence, you are both insane and unhealthy;
  • If as a domestic violence expert and known feminist (Alyce LaViolette) you use expert testimony to blame Travis Alexander for his death (victim blaming) knowing that “victim blaming” is something feminist fight tooth and nail, you are probably a unhealthy and insane person;
  • If you are still able to read from radical feminism’s manifesto that only Men are capable of domestic violence after the Jodi Arias murder conviction, then you are likely insane.

Protecting The Real Victims Of Jodi Arias

Travis Alexander and his entire family are the true victims in this case despite many attempts by feminist Domestic Violence experts to make Jodi Arias a poster child for why women kill. Let’s hope someone with more knowledge of the Son of Sam laws finds some way to prevent these organizations from benefiting from Travis Alexander’s death and the need for Jodi Arias to capitalize on her survivor T-Shirt campaign.

A Voice For Men extends condolences to the surviving family of Travis Alexander and we want them to know that our organization is fighting people like Alyce LaViolette — and the professional radical feminists who were very much prepared to help Jodi Arias go free so that they could use Travis’ murder to drive their agenda. If any of the family members read this article and want to contact us, we are open 24 hrs a day to talk.

In an effort to help get the message out about misguided feminist governance and domestic violence laws, and to bring attention to Travis Alexander and his family, we hope that you will extensively share this article on sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other networks. Additionally, using the comment system below, our goal is to gain 400 comments focusing on your thoughts of Jodi Arias, her murder conviction, and decision to sell domestic violence survivor T-shirts as a Woman who killed her boyfriend.


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