Radfem Hub: The underbelly of a hate movement

Imagine that you are a fly on the wall of a private meeting. The attendees include a legislative lobbyist, an arts council member, a political writer, a bestselling novelist, a communications assistant for a national chamber of commerce, a web developer, a special education teacher and a child care worker.

What do you imagine you would hear in that meeting? Maybe plans to improve children’s education, especially those with special needs? Perhaps a call to mobilize resources to ensure school kids are not attending class hungry, or that they are safe from abuse and exploitation? Maybe you would hear concerns about the quality of education and school budgets during the global recession, or other problems faced by the upcoming and developmental generation of world citizens.

Well, one such meeting has been happening, conducted by well-placed individuals who fill the job descriptions listed above. But educational and welfare improvements were not the topics they discussed. The agenda of the meeting was the shared desire to abuse and murder children, to trap people in wooden buildings and blow them up, to throw children from, through, windows, to pursue infanticide and forced eugenics, and to seriously entertain and secretly pursue ways to exterminate half the population.

If you are waiting for a punch line, don’t.

Radfem Hub (Radfem is short for Radical Feminist), is a website featuring articles from well-known activists, many of whom are in significant real-world positions of political and social influence. The site has been the focus of some attention since Simon and Schuster novelist Pamela O’Shaughnessy, posting under the name Vliet Tiptree, penned an article there advocating human scientific experimentation and forced eugenics, in order to “extirpate” certain aspects of masculinity.

The publishers of Radfem Hub frequently profess and promote philosophical solidarity with the late Valerie Solanas, author of The Scum Manifesto, a violent ideologue who advocated the extermination of men. She also gunned down artist Andy Warhol, maiming him for life.

Some well-known figures are closely associated with the Radfem Hub. Loretta Kemsley, publisher of Moon Dance Magazine, which was given an award by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is listed as having a “board presence” on her public profile there. Sheila Jeffreys, feminist author and professor at The University of Melbourne has a public presence there and frequently provides articles. Julie Bindle, author and columnist with The Guardian, a well read newspaper in the U.K., has also posted there. (see Wikipedia Links Below).

Underneath Radfem’s veneer of social consciousness, however, and hosted on the same website, is a private forum; the underbelly and engine room for the site as a whole. The discussions there, assumed to be out of the public eye, are virulent and hateful; often peppered with calls for violence. For a long time, they have been successful and maintaining both secrecy and anonymity. Until now.

Over the past several months an operative, who will only be identified as Agent Orange, has successfully infiltrated the group and has collected a trove of information, including over a hundred screen shots that document what can only be called the most shocking evidence of extreme hatred in the feminist movement seen to date.

Not only have these conversations been documented with screen shots but Agent Orange, with the help of an investigator, has tracked down the identities of several of these individuals. The confidence level of the information is compelling, and more is on the way.

Here is a portion of the individuals identified, along with some of their statements.

Danielle Pynnonen (screen name “Allecto”), a child care worker whose employer is unknown;

click to enlarge

Kat Pinder (screen name “Amazon Mancrusher”), a community development coordinator for the City of Perth in Australia and former U.K. Game show Big Brother contestant;

Click to enlarge

Isabelle Moreira (screen name “Izzie”), a web developer in Curitiba, Brazil;

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Mary Syrett (screen name “Mary Sunshine”), a writer and member of the City of Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada;

Click to enlarge

Julie LeComte (screen name “Rain”), a communications assistant for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia;

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Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery, Hurleyville, New York;

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Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “yabawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. regarding the mental health of women in prisons;

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And of course Pam O’Shaughnesey (screen name changed from “Vliet Tipree” to “karma”), an established writer, publisher and lawyer. In this post, the complete depravity of O’Shaughnessy’s ideology shines though with a clear willingness for mass murder as a “last resort.”

Click to enlarge

These screen shots represent just a sample the images and other data that document real people engaging in what can only be described as an orgy of gender hatred. What’s more, these are not individuals who live on the fringes of society. They are people who hold public offices, positions in academia and the media. Their voices and ideas are heard in legislatures all around the world and even in the chambers of the United Nations.

In the very near future, the complete body of data collected by Agent Orange will be made available to the public at large. This means that anyone interested learning more about these people and publicizing their own analyses on their blogs, YouTube channels or other media will be able to do so. It also means that interested members of the general public can voice their concerns regarding these individuals to the press, as well as anywhere these individuals may pose a direct threat, particularly to the welfare of children.

For a long time men’s advocates and others have tried to point out to politicians and the public that feminism was, at its heart, a movement rooted in hate. Those contesting this point of view claim that radical feminism isn’t recognized as legitimate by most feminists and that radical feminists aren’t taken seriously. This new information demonstrates those assumptions are false.

This data, and the mountains of it to soon follow, reveal that radical feminists with bigoted, violent leanings are thoroughly entrenched in the media, governmental and education systems worldwide, and that they are exerting their influence to further legislation and policy that reflects not only their hatred of men and boys, but a desire to put themselves in a position to inflict as much harm on them as possible.

Addendum:  Since the release of the Agent Orange Files in December 2011, the forums from which the screenshots were gathered, “Women’s Lives Matter & Women’s Life Matters”, have since been disabled indefinitely, and the Radfem Hub project has been shut down and archived.

The Agent Orange Team has since cleaned up the original version of the release. Being the civic-minded individuals they are, Agent Orange and his team have compiled the AO Files into a much more manageable format, complete with highly detailed, searchable .pdf’s.

Obtain your copy here:

AO Part 1

AO Part 2

AO Part 3







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