I have recently discovered that I do not exist.

I was equally startled to find that the same thing holds true for Warren Farrell, Angry Harry, Bernard Chapin, John the Other and all other notables associated with the men’s rights movement. Indeed, the movement itself is nonexistent.

Phil Elmore of World Net Daily recently did an article on the men’s rights movement that drew a significant amount of attention. Someone needs to contact Mr. Elmore and advise him that the movement he reported on is a figment of his imagination, as are all the people he conversed with in preparation for his article. As a word of caution you might want to advise him that if he does any more writing on this subject he may well end up in the land of the non-extant.

Fathers for Justice? Never happened. Dads on the Air? No such radio program exists; nor does this website, nor does any of the dozens of men’s and fathers organizations spread across the globe. Nor, if you happen to identify as a men’s rights activist, do you.

Why? Because Wikipedia says so.

In a sudden and sweeping change of the Wikipedia page on Men’s Rights, references to the myriad of issues and efforts highlighted over the past forty years of pro-male activism have been replaced with the standard litany of feminist dogma about male privilege and patriarchy.  They start the page (just below the notice challenging its neutrality) with a simple definition: Men’s rights are the entitlements and freedoms claimed by boys and men.

That is followed up by a list of historical and other items that point to male privilege and hegemony, as well as female oppression.  Further down the line, below the remainder of the misdirecting clutter (and past where most people will actually read), there is cursory mention of some elements of the MRM, pointing to NCFM and ACFC. This is where they make their first and only mention of men’s rights activists. It’s placed just below a sub-header addressing the male dominant laws in Pakistan.

There are other, very minor references to legitimate men’s rights issues, but they are all literally buried in a deluge of pro-feminist perspective that was added to the page in one fell swoop sometime in the last few days.

The intent here is transparent.  The Wikipedia page on men’s rights has been rewritten, in deliberate and premeditated fashion, in order to turn it into a tool that will lead readers to conflate the men’s rights movement with an agenda of domination and control over women. Actually, the page has not been so much rewritten, as it has been reengineered, to turn it from an information source into an instrument of disinformation and deception. None of this was done accidentally, as anyone who has ever read the previous incarnation of that page can clearly see.

As a matter of fairness, I have to point out that a more accurate (though certainly less traveled) page for the men’s movement is in place, giving a more accurate overview of some of the issues and actions relevant to our cause.  I was even surprised to see myself included there as a “significant writer.”

But, this is all still a matter of diversion.  “Men’s rights” is now a clearly defined term in modern social lexicon. It is about the same concept of rights as you would infer them in any other social movement. It is about CIVIL rights, just as it was claimed to be for women and other minorities.  Wikipedia’s actions demonstrating indifference to that are nothing less than calculated.

This is what I will now call the Fourth Wave of Feminism.  With the emerging success of the men’s rights movement, which Wikipedia has just caused to disappear, we have seen substantive changes in the public discourse on sexual politics.  Even the most rabid “gender” ideologues have been forced to adopt sexually neutral language in order to promote their wares.  Domestic Violence service providers have changed much of their language to remove the appearance of sexual bias, even as they continue to practice it.  Most “Women’s Studies” programs have changed their name to “Gender Studies” and have started to present an image of sexual inclusion where it does not exist.

We see further evidence of this trend throughout mainstream media, where the language and intent of feminist ideologues has become more obfuscated and covert. It’s the Fourth Wave, the hidden wave, that sees the writing on the wall and is going incognito, or as much as it has to in this eyes-wide-shut society.

It is also the starting of the death rattle for hateful ideologues that now realize there is less and less real estate for them in the light of day.  They now must seek to operate behind a wall of anonymity, whether in the insulated world of academe, or shrouded in the anonymity one enjoys as a moderator for Wikipedia.

Of course, as long as the MSM and government collude to offer them protection, hiding them in the dark, they will continue to make problems.  But there is always that old expression. Some days, the sun even shines on a dog’s ass. Truth is though, eventually the sun shines on all dog’s asses.  These people won’t be an exception.

This little non-existent men’s rights movement now spans the globe, and continues to grow in spite of the fact that it isn’t really here.  These kinds of shenanigans will all be shone in the light of day.

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