Shepherd of lies

Tory Shepherd writes for The Punch, an Australian online outlet for political news and opinion. One of her available online bios presents her as a worldly, devil-may-care sociopolitical guru, steeped in hard news coverage and life experience:

Tory Shepherd studied anthropology, then travelled, then studied some more, then travelled, then ended up with a cadetship at The Advertiser in 2006. She covered police rounds, politics, general news and health, while working at The Punch on the side. Now Tory is working full time at The Punch. She can be seen and heard on ABC local radio and Radio National, PM Live on Sky, and in other nooks and crannies. She is passionate about words, wine, chilli, soccer, and people (even the ones who hate her or keep praying for her soul).

Let’s add some more credentials to infuse some credibility into all the fluff. Feminist, ideologue, yellow journalist, liar.

It appears that recent articles presented here that exposed the corrupt ideological influence on Australian government have Tory’s panties in a bit of a twist (which is only sexist if she doesn’t wear them), and now she has gone on the attack in an article, rolling out big guns like Michael Flood, and, well, Michael Flood, to discredit the lot of us as a bunch of bitter, moustache twirling, hypervigilant, middle aged white guys who present an egregious threat to the rights of wimmen everywhere.

She softens her readers a little by feigning some understanding of men’s issues (more and more required these days), bestowing on us the following bits of her egalitarian largess:

“Men’s outcomes in some areas really are poor. Male suicide rates are three to four times higher, their life expectancy is lower. Girls often outperform boys at school. Males are more likely to be incarcerated, more likely to be addicted.”

And then of course, true to her agenda, she puts her foot in it with the following:

“But these genuine issues are not the ones that concern the new breed of men’s activists. These men are aggrieved because they see misandry – the hatred of males – everywhere in society, from government down.”

Oh really? Since Tory quite pointedly attacked AVfM as Paranoid Central, then she might have done some searching on our website and read into the more than 50 articles that either target these issues or make significant reference to them. She might have even stumbled onto our Facts Page, where these issues and a score of others are documented. Sorry, we don’t have a Misandry is Everywhere page. I will have to talk to our managing editor John about that, as I am sure it is his fault.

Generally speaking, though, we only tend to see misandry where it exists. For instance, I am having Chinese for lunch as I write. I note that my eggrolls are misandry free, as is the Kung Pao Shrimp. The young man who delivered did not “appear” to be a misandrist that I could tell. And while I am not quite through eating, I do not anticipate that my fortune cookie contains a secret misandric message. Admittedly, I cannot vouch for what is written in Mandarin on the Chinese side of the fortune.

I do, however, see misandry in a law that would have me in jail without bail because my wife got angry and accused me of giving her the silent treatment, which is exactly what is on the agenda in Australia, courtesy of real misandry. Color me creepy for seeing it that way, I was born like this.

Shepherd goes on to highlight all the things that make us paranoid and stinky and extreme, as well as white and male. Let’s take a look at her list, and see what we can make of it. I will try to stop the misandric voices in my head long enough to be more objective than Tory.

Women have never been worse off than men – this is a feminist lie and is part of the plot to subjugate men.

Well, so far – so good. Women never have been worse off than men. Well, only if you consider being dead, unhealthy or incarcerated as “worse off.” Did I mention dead? Remember those items you seemed to acknowledge about men, Tory? All that stuff about life expectancy, suicide, education, incarceration and addiction? Well, here in Texas those things rank pretty high in the “worse off” department. And when they happen to men a lot more than they happen to others we consider it a “worse off” qualification. Pretty much the gold standard as far as worse off goes. We can add plenty more, like conscription, combat death, workplace mortality, victimization by violence, etc.., etc.., but I don’t want to belabor the point.

Now, I don’t recall anyone here saying that this was all a feminist lie and part of a plot to “subjugate” men. Just that it is a feminist lie and used to con government and everyone else out of more special considerations and money. I know, I am just being extreme.

Women are all gold-diggers who use marriage and divorce to extort money from men.

Well, I should hand this one over to any one of the women that write for this site, but I can tell you what they will anyway. No one ever said that. You’re lying again. What has been said, and is quite true, is that the system is set up for women to do that very thing with State muscle behind them, and way too many of them do. So many, in fact, that marriage is a role of the dice on a man’s future. I just checked my fortune cookie. No misandry there.

Family law courts let women legally steal children from men, and let women get away with false accusations of child abuse.

Thanks for admitting it. Now go do your homework and come back with the complete laundry list of family court corruptions and we can talk some more.

Women routinely falsely accuse innocent men of rape.

Well, duh, yeah. A little hint here, Tory. If you want to paint men as having extreme ideas you need to allege they are saying things that are not true. Be sure they can’t instantly reference studies[1] and news stories[2] that completely back them up. Just saying.

Domestic violence statistics are warped; men are victims as much as women and women make false claims about violence in courts that are too inclined to believe them.

Same problem, Tory. Lordy mercy grrl, you got it bad, doncha? Not only are domestic violence statistics warped, so are the ideologues doing the warping. The problem is so pervasive, in fact, that the warping itself has been made the subject of study by one of the most preeminent authorities on domestic violence research in the world, Dr. Murray Straus. [3] His conclusion? Feminist ideologues have intentionally corrupted the study of domestic violence and the dissemination of information from research results. Oh, a slight hint here, Dr. Straus is an esteemed academician, not a blogger, or a paranoid white guy who is angry because they let women vote. Neither is anyone else I know, though I still have my suspicions about the guy who delivers Chinese. Something kinda funny about him, in a possibly misandric way.

So now, according to Tory’s veiled “threat,” it appears that over at The Punch the lot of them are going to come out with a series of articles condemning the men’s movement. I trust they will be delivered with the same top flight, cutting edge drivel just dished out by the desperate and disingenuous Shepherd. And I am sure they will be ready to block comments as they come in. Can’t have an open discussion about this, can we?

The long and the short of it is simple. The plans of corrupt ideologues in Australia have just been outed, big time. And now they’re pissed. They want to come on the attack.

Alrighty then..

The really wonderful thing about the internet, Tory, is that it does not give a fuck if you are a woman or a feminist. It affords all people the opportunity to make their case. Those that have relied on the silence and acquiescence of others to further their ideas are screwed in a world where everyone gets to speak, and will.  So by all means, take your shots. Come at us with everything. In the end, you will be exposed for the liars you are and you will see your ideology continue to crumble while you see men and women increasingly defy your agenda.

We are here to fuck your shit up in just that precise way.


[1] Kanin, 1994

[2] Orlando Sentinal, June, 2010

[3] Straus, 2007

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