Internationally Respected Investigator Says Vladek Filler Rape Accusation is “Fabrication” – NCFM Press Release

The persecution of Vladek Filler stems from a ten year old accusation backed by no evidence other than the word of the mother of Vladek’s children. There is no credible evidence that we know of, none, to support her allegation. Prosecutor Mary Kellett prosecutes many similar cases perhaps driven by the radical feminist ideological belief that a woman is to believed at all cost, even if there is a plethora of substantive evidence which overwhelmingly establishes reasonable doubt or vindicates the accused. The Filler case is an egregious miscarriage of justice. He was convicted on an “absence of evidence” and Kellett successfully was able to keep evidence that favored Vladek away from the jury. So egregious was her misconduct that the Maine Supreme Court remanded the case for retrial. After filing complaints with the Governor of Maine and Maines Bar of Overseers of the Bar. NCFM issued this press release:  110407 NCFM press release re Vladek Filler in Maine.

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