Feminist fear dialed up to frappe

Well, for the first time ever we get back to back video features. No, we ares not getting lazy, it is just the way the chips fell today. 🙂

In this one, we bring you John the Other, who finds himself eating a little crow after defending the “integrity” of a woman who has scheduled a debate as a part of the East Vancouver Debate Society, on the topic of feminism. She had invited MRAs to be half of those presenting, feminists the other half.

As JTO shows you in this video, the woman went from seemingly honest and balanced, to half truths, to full fledged lies, to whoppers the size of Montana, all to appease the feminists that did not want her to have the debate to begin with.

I have lifted the relevant links from John’s low bar for your convenience.

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A comparison between reality, documented by email exchange, and the feminist fear-amplicication and bullshit echo chamber

Has Feminism gone too far?

The debate is still on. To participate contact events@avoiceformen.com


The Facebook page for the new debate.


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