Dr. Paul on 'men can stop rape'

Publishers note: Dr. Paul has been in a state of semi-retirement. Recent events, he tells me, have compelled him to put down the piña colada, move his fat ass from the beach lounger and into his ragamuffin cabaña, and fire up the laptop. That makes me nervous, being that I am all about not offending anyone. But what can I say? He’s Dr. Paul, and he won’t be denied his say. Buckle up, folks, and remember, it’s not my fault. PE
Ladies, it is time you and I had a nice little sit down talk. Well, to be more honest, it really is time that you shut up and listen while I try to drill some sense in your head.
Before I start I want to give you my standard disclaimer. If what I am about to say does not apply to you, then there is no reason to be offended. And if you want to be offended on behalf of women everywhere, then stick around. That grandiosity needs to be addressed…with a little boot therapy.
That being said, we need to talk about rape. Or, rather, the prevention of it, if there is such a thing.
There have been a lot of feminists out there for the last several months putting forward their plan to end rape, and it is a hum dinger. It is a genius plan. Well, it’s genius for you if your IQ doesn’t exceed your shoe size.
It’s the new “Tell men not to rape anyone” plan to prevent sexual assaults against women. And I bet you were wondering why no one ever thought of it sooner.
In case you had not heard, here is an example of the advocacy for it in action:

Now see there? See how easy it is to stop rape? All you have to do is target the entire population of men and tell them not to rape. I’m telling you, they ought to give Zerlina a Nobel or something with her Xanax next time she is at the clinic.
Just think of it, women the world over will no longer have to care where they are or what they are doing or who they are with because there will be no one who will rape them, provided we have made sure that every man on the planet has been told rape is bad and not to do it.
And I don’t want to suggest that women are in any way responsible for making decisions that may reduce their chances of being attacked, but I’d also like to suggest a backup plan as a failsafe in case there is some men out there who the feminist establishment has not reached because of patriarchy.
Ladies, repeat after me.

Don’t rape me.

See there, using feminist logic, all you have to do to fend off a rape (not that I am in any way saying you should ever have to fend off a rape) is that you can offer said corrective instruction directly to your rapist! All you have to do is be prepared to tell any man who has not already heard (which must be the case if he is sexually assaulting you) that he is not supposed to rape.
That’ll put the brakes on ‘em for sure.
Seriously ladies, are you really this stupid? Or this inept and helpless?
Let’s see if we can drive the point in another way.
Can we stop locking our homes and cars, and indeed become outraged and offended by anyone suggesting we take responsibility for securing our property, by simply telling people not to be thieves? Does that sound like a fucking plan to you? If it does, you may just be stupid enough to unnecessarily put yourself in the path of a rapist. And GET THIS, he is not going to stop because you tell him to. I am pretty sure that is why they call it rape. He is also not going to hesitate from raping anyone else because someone told him it was wrong and that he should not do it. If you have any sense at all you will get that crap out of your head once and for all.
Here is the problem, ladies. Just like every other bill of goods you have ever been sold by feminists (who seriously don’t give a shit whether you get raped or not and may in fact count on some funding if you do), the idea that we can prevent rape by “teaching men not to rape,” is a pile of bullshit so high that it would have scared Evel Knievel in his heyday to even think about trying to jump over it.
And that is not even the hard part, ladies. The hard part is a cold, honest look at why you are being sold this shit. And it is hard because the problem is you.
RapeYes, you.  This stupid and patently dangerous rape reduction plan is in high gear because you demand answers that don’t make you accountable for taking care of yourself or for making sound decisions. It is the part of you, these days near all of you, that sees life through the eyes of a perpetual little girl who thinks Daddy, or some other service provider, is supposed to be everywhere at all times with all the answers, preventing anything bad from happening, so that you get to stay in your little cocoon and never even have to think scary thoughts.
They are selling this snake oil to a lot of you because that is the only thing you are willing to listen to; because being responsible for taking care of yourself in frightening situations is beyond the scope of your emotional maturity.
And you are sucking it up at your own peril.
Go back and watch that video again, and figure out how to tell yourself that you don’t see it. Tell yourself you don’t see Hannity, buffoon that he is, walking on eggshells as though he is talking to an emotionally fragile little girl. Tell yourself that Zerlina isn’t just having a control fit, demanding that someone make the world a place where she does not have to take any responsibility for defending herself.
Look ladies, the world, despite the fact that it is a safer place for you than it ever has been in history, can still get rough. Shit happens. And shit happens that you cannot solve with feminist sound bites, as though feminist sound bites ever solved anything. But if you are really concerned for your physical safety, then grow the fuck up and learn how to take care of yourself. Technology has provided you ample ways to do it.
The day may come for any of us when we have to face a physically superior attacker. If that time comes for you, pick your weapon of choice now; something substantive, or a feminist slogan designed to feel warm and fuzzy, raise money and leave you completely vulnerable when it counts the most.
Oh yeah, if someone tells you not to get in a car with a stranger, take the fucking chip off your shoulder and listen to them. It is good advice. Just like you were told when you were a kid. And since you are likely still a kid, it should make some sense to you. Sure, the stranger in the car is supposed to be a nice person that would not harm anyone, just because someone told them that was the kind of person to be.
But that is a fairytale. Please check your date of birth on your driver license before accepting that kind of standard. You may be a little old for it.
There is a lot of other advice that might keep your gullible ass out of a sling, too, but I won’t go into all that now because until you start to comprehend the reality that you need to be responsible for taking care of yourself, none of it will sink in anyway.  You will just keep insisting, childishly, foolishly, that somebody, somewhere, should tell all the bad, bad men not to be that way so that you can keep living in a fucking dream.
You might do well to remember that in any given person’s life, a certain amount of dreams turn out to be nightmares.
Maybe, just maybe, you should wake up.

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