Don’t be a creep: tips for 2nd class humans

A series of “tips” in poster form have begun appearing around Vancouver, BC. They each begin with: don’t be a creep. However, rather than “tips,” insults might be a better description. A creep isn’t something you can easily be, or not be. Creep is simply a pejorative. It’s an insult, which in the politics of gender ideologues reflects an internal emotional state of a woman, or a child in the adult body of a woman anyway.

Setting aside the assumption that a creep is automatically male, whether a man is or isn’t a creep is a subjective emotional perception. Additionally, it should be noted that “creep,” when thrown as an epithet, indicates almost nothing about an adult man against whom it is thrown, but indicates a childish petulance in the character of the accuser.

Returning to the Don’t Be A Creep posters, they form a numbered series in the form of tips.

The first is: Don’t be a creep, tip number 1.

Regardless of the content of tip number 1, the fact that the message (don’t be a creep) is glued up in public is so insulting, it constitutes a giant public slap to the face of every person who reads it, including women. Yes, especially women, because although all men are labeled creeps by this campaign, the corollary implication is that women are all pathetic, trembling incompetents at dealing with normal social interactions.

For objectors who may claim that women are not impugned as social cowards, incompetent toddlers or that not all men are labeled creeps and predators by this: shut up, you lying scum.

Of course the insult to women is somewhat diminished by the compensatory power to condemn all who don’t comply – leaving the question to women of moral agency. Specifically, do you have any?

But Don’t be a creep, tip number 1 reads as follows.

Learn ( underlined ) how to manage your sex drive.

Learn how to manage my sex drive? Does any adult human being not on their way to prison, or in prison, not know how to manage their sex drive?

Should I learn how to manage my other biological needs too? Like eating and shitting? Fuck, this could turn my life around!

Seriously, that is what the poster says: learn to manage your sex drive, and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a public service announcement aimed at non-sentient troglodytes who’ve never encountered civilization, or if it’s actually intended to simply be the most insulting and moronic garbage ever posted in public. And I say that without hyperbole.

Who is it that in reality needs to learn to control their sex drive? Well, lust driven, subhuman rutting animals – or as gender ideologues say in their technical nomenclature, men.

That, as closely as I can determine it, is what this poster is saying. That you, if you’re a man, are a disgusting, filthy rutting beast unfit for public life or civilized company. Never-mind that it was men who invented civilization.

There is no invective strong enough, so I’ll move on.

But tip number 1 continues: learn, it says (with “learn” underlined) how to control your sex drive, the person you’re interested in doesn’t owe you a response.

The person you’re interested in doesn’t owe you a response.

Actually if you’ve made a romantic or a social overture towards somebody, then yes, they do owe you a response. There’s no requirement the response be positive, but yes, a response is owed. This was once called common courtesy. “No thanks,” “very kind invitation but no, “sorry, prior commitment,” or just “no.” or even “fuck off.”

The bottom margin of this poster includes the text “a message from Solidarity Against Patriarchy, a group of mostly men, working for gender equality and “against sexism.”

I told you I couldn’t have made this up. But this is arguably the most egregiously and hatefully sexist poster I have ever seen. And who are these mostly-men? There’s no URL, no QR code, so my best guess is it’s Sasha Whiley Shaw’s crew of approval seeking lickspittles. But that’s just a guess.

The next poster in the series is Don’t Be a Creep, tip number 2. Tip number 2 reads: “Make consent part of your approach.”

Followed in slightly smaller text: “Ask (period) Offer (period) Don’t Assume or Guess (period) Respect the answer (period)”

Do I see a few hands raised in class tonight? Yes, you in the front – yes, the first poster says, “The person you’re interested in doesn’t owe you a response.” And yes, the second poster says: “Ask. Offer. Don’t Assume or Guess. Respect the answer.”

Interestingly, neither of these posters, nor indeed the third in the series we’ll be discussing directly contains any serious slip in grammar, spelling or punctuation. So stupidity, while not out of consideration, isn’t the runaway winner here for motive to glue up these apparent tips.

Make consent part of your approach? So, don’t grab your prospective date from behind with a chloroform rag and then hustle her off campus in the back of a white tradesman’s van?

If any man, or group of men offered me such “advice” in person, I would ask sharply if they thought they were being funny. I would expect that such advice was an attempt, by the use of gravest insult, to provoke a response of violence.

But the third tip, in this series is where this jumps the shark from unintentional self parody, and becomes something else entirely.

Don’t be a creep, tip number three: Learn how to deal with rejection. Rejection hurts, but your feelings are your responsibility.

Let’s briefly revisit what I said earlier about the word “creep.” It doesn’t mean anything specific, it’s an insult, usually used based on the emotional state – or should I say, the feelings, of the individual hurling the word like a missile against her target.

If a man is called a creep, we don’t know anything more about him by the application of the word. What we do know is a bit more about the internal emotional state of the woman, or girl, who called him creep. Maybe he had too much self respect to be a human cash dispenser. He wouldn’t buy my ticket for me, creep. Maybe he was honest about his sexual expectations. He wanted to have sex, ugh! What a creep. Maybe he was unfashionably dressed, and therefore a creep. Maybe he was taking his grandkids to the park, and therefore a creep. Creep tells us nothing about him. What it tells us about is the feelings of whatever girl who says “creep”.

How does Tip number three go again?

“your feelings are your responsibility”

One other thing, a recent headline read as follows:

“Mother-of-two jailed for making TWO false rape claims against men she was dating after one didn’t show up for a liaison.”[1]

“…your feelings are your responsibility.”

And Creep is a reflection not on who is labeled, but of the feelings of whoever applies such label.

“…your feelings are your responsibility.”

This message was not brought to you by a group trained chimpanzees, clawing over each other’s bodies for a whiff of the crotch of the nearest females willing to grant provisional social approval for being such good, obedient little men. This message also wasn’t brought to you by a collective or a committee, committing the most blatant and hateful sexism in the name of fighting sexism.

Your feelings are your responsibility, and also, fuck you.

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