Beckel caught in the FAT Trap

I don’t like Bob Beckel. In fact, my dislike of Beckel is so strong that it borders on skin crawling disgust. He is a token liberal, one of the slimier, disingenuous ones that Fox News props up to make the equally slimy case that they are “fair and balanced,” which I suppose makes their claim strangely credible.

Now imagine how I feel about being in a position where I need to defend him. It’s not good, I’ll tell you, but I am going to don a biohazard suit and do it anyway.  Beckel is under a career damaging threat from one of the few forces that could ever hope to exceed his sliminess.

On a recent edition of Fox New’s program “The Five,” they had a discussion about gun control. On college campuses, it was asserted by some, coeds should be strapped to the gills so they can blow rapists away. Beckel, apparently caught up in his gun control fervor for a moment, blurted out a question that was actually quite cogent, but he made the incredibly stupid mistake to follow his partisan lock-stepping into territory owned by those whose political clout trumps gun control and every other significant issue that our nation pretends to address.

He asked,


When’s the last time you heard of a rape on campus?

Of course the tradcons at the table immediately lost their fucking minds. The shocks and awes and oh my fucking gods abounded in an instant.

“What are you talking about? It’s rampant,” co-host Eric Bolling retorted, with his spine stiff, as though he were having a sudden attack of dignity. Dana Perino immediately followed, as though it were already on the teleprompter, “In particular, date rape on campus.”

Beckel, still apparently dazed by his own honesty, continued with fatal question number two:


That’s one thing, date rape, but you’re going to take out your gun and shoot your date?

Of course the answer was YES. That was the predictable response from Kimberly Guilfoyle, whose journalistic accomplishment is being one of the few females without bleached hair to be employed by Fox News. Said Guilfoyle:


If your date is a rapist, you shoot them.

Well, here, watch for yourself.

Love the way she punctuated a call for killing with a smug grin.

Now, the temptation here is to sidetrack, and wonder aloud if Kimberly Guilfoyle has the first fucking clue about what constitutes a rapist on a modern college campus. But sidetracking only helps when the people involved give a damn about things like actually having to rape someone to be considered a rapist.

You kill, girl!
You kill, girl!

Better to keep this about Beckel, and the histrionic reactions that are sweeping through the media right now, despite his groveling mea culpas, over one of the rare times the truth ever escaped his lips.

Michelle Malkin called him a “cretinous misogynist.”

“Vomit,” she tweeted.

On the other side of the fence, the libtards at Huffpo are crowing in perfect harmony with conservative women-firsters in their agonizingly over the top reaction to Beckel asking an intelligent question about the frequency of campus rape.

Along with most other media outlets, they have ensured that everyone knows about the Department of Justice assertion that one in four women of college age will be the victim of rape or attempted rape before they move on to an arts degree and a government job.

And, along with most other media outlets, they are neglecting to tell you that those numbers include a fuck-ton of women who gobbled cock as a post drinking binge snack and then decided later it was a bad idea, or, rape, in the modern college vernacular.

Huffpo even went further, giving us anecdote after anecdote proving beyond challenge that rape on college campuses is more common than empty beer bottles in a frat house. They provided six or seven stories about allegations of rape that happened on campuses within the last few weeks, one of which actually involved arrests. Not a single story of a conviction was cited.

That is out of 19.7 million college students in the US, 62% of which are female.

I think it is safe to say that once you control for insanely loose definitions of rape and false accusations that the 25% assertion should be raising questions from smarter people than Bob Beckel.

Well, unless they mean 25% percent of women enrolled in STEM courses.

I expect to hear a lot more about this, and I think Beckel’s job, apologies or no, could actually be on the line for this one. He has managed to propel himself into a void where he will find few if any allies. He did this by making an inquiry truthful enough to bring the Feminists and Traditionalists (FATS) together to bring him down. Fembots will do it because rape is worse than the Black Plague, and anyone who says otherwise is a rape supporting scumbag. Traditionalists will do it because Rape is the worse than gay marriage, and anyone who says otherwise is a rape supporting scumbag.

It is the FAT TRAP, and Beckel has his fat ass caught in it big time.

I guess I am not doing much of a job defending him. I have to admit that my heart is not in it. But I still think it needs to be said that he is getting crucified for asking a legitimate question; a question which is just too much for anyone around him to pause and answer with any intelligence. They are too busy picking up pitchforks and lighting torches.

A thousand things have come out of this moron’s mouth that should warrant his being ostracized from the company of adults. Unfortunately for him, he was not in the company of adults to begin with.

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