A whiff of bullshit at Queen’s University

I know people who don’t know me think I am angry all the time, and I can understand why. But I’m not. I rarely indulge in a lot of anger about the work I do because it is too consuming.

But now I am angry. I am 100% completely, undeniably pissed off bordering on rage. It won’t last, but for the moment it is pulsing through my veins like molten lava.

A female student of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, who does not want to be identified, was reportedly assaulted outside her home. She was allegedly punched in the face several times by an assailant who knew her name. That was according to another source who also does not want to be identified.

The alleged victim was also a feminist who was very active in opposing the existence of the Men’s Issues Awareness Society at Queen’s.

She was quoted by Vincent Ben Matak, writing for The Journal, a Queens University website, as saying, “I was punched in the face multiple times and lost half my tooth. This was after a few threatening emails regarding my support for feminist activities on campus. Take care of yourselves and try not to go out alone.”

He also quoted police as saying that there was no evidence yet to indicate the assault was connected to her activism, but of course dedicated most of the rest of his piece trying to create the image for readers that she was attacked and beaten by an MHRA because she spoke up in opposition to the men’s issues group.

He even titled the article, “A Queen’s student involved in the opposition to a Queen’s men’s issues group was assaulted late last night”


Normally, I don’t get myself into the role of prognosticator, but I am going to call it now. There will never be any evidence that she was attacked by an MHRA. They will probably not catch her supposed “attacker,” and the incident will wind up unresolved because there is no evidence to make a case against anyone, or at the very least not against any MHRA. The story will still get major traction with feminist ideologues, though, who will use it to mischaracterize MHRAs as violent so they can continue to attack the formation of new men’s issues groups.

This is the same scummy, Futrellian fantasy fiction spin game cooked up by the University of Toronto Student’s Union after their members and followers acted out violently against police and against people trying to attend Dr. Warren Farrell’s lecture on the boy crisis in Toronto in November of 2012.

They reeled out yarn after yarn about scared girls and alleged threats coming from MHRAs against feminists for just speaking their views. They demanded action from police and from the university to protect the poor, frightened little damsels, all of whom were under direct threat from men’s activists.

Yet we never saw a police report, a copy of a threatening message; never an arrest made or charges filed.

Nothing. Not a shred of proof was ever offered, which is understandable because it did not exist.

MHRA Attack victimAnd that is what we will get this time. See the picture with this post? That is the woman who was allegedly assaulted; the woman “who did not want to be identified.”

And a woman who posted that pic on her own Facebook page with a statement about the “incident.”

Fuck this. I want proof. If this woman was attacked by an MHRA, I want to be the first to know about it so I can publicly crucify him on this website and throw his ass as far under the bus as I possibly can.

I am betting I never will, though, because I am betting that everything about this is spin. Everything. Bullshit, all of it.

Does she look like she has been assaulted? Yes, at least there is clearly some trauma to her face. And that is what we have so far. A feminist who does not think men’s advocates should be allowed on campus looks like she has been injured.

We don’t know any more from her about the incident itself because she refused to comment to Matak, because she is “still processing what happened.”

Maybe she is waiting for a hundred likes on her pic to get closure.

I know, that is quite insensitive. Six years of being attacked with lies about MHRAs and violence will do that to you. It leaves you caring about one thing more than anything else.


Victim X claims to have gotten threatening emails preceding her alleged attack. I want to see them. Email has an electronic trail. I want to know where that trail leads. I want some kind of verification, not just conjecture and journalistic smoke and mirrors from some asshat with an agenda writing for a university website.

I want to hear a police official say they have reason to believe it was men’s activists, and then share the identity of the person of interest with the public. I want them to make inquiries to this website to look for leads. With all the victim posturing over the years from feminists about AVFM, I have never heard from a single police official. Not once.

I want to know for sure that this woman, who posts this shit to her Facebook page but does not want to be identified, and her friend, who also does not want to be identified, are not both liars.

I want to see, with all the wolf crying that feminists have done about MHRAs, one tiny, even microscopic shred of fucking proof of anything they say.

I want to know if they are more credible than the zombie apocalypse. Rather I should say I would like to see them prove they are for a change.

And if my hunch, check that, experience, is right, and there are lies involved in this case, I want to see those responsible go to jail just as much as I want to see her attacker, if he actually exists, do the same.

In the end my speculation is just that, speculation. I am not claiming anything otherwise and I am perfectly willing to have my mind changed with facts.

But right now, if I had to bet, I would bet that the Kingston police are getting something less than the whole truth. I would bet that this is a scam job.


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