As the men’s movement grows we will see the realization of many hopes and dreams for men, long denied an audience for their struggles. The first inklings of change have begun to sprout, and grow defiantly into the misandric landscape.

We see it in a news commentator who steps up and questions why men don’t have reproductive rights. He even does so with a bit of an MRM chip on his shoulder. We also see it from the likes of Dr. Keith Ablow, who stands against the current tide that justifies the rape and abuse of schoolboys. His article on Adam Sandler’s latest film was so good that by the time I was done I was nodding my head and doing a short fist pump here in front of my computer.

Damned right, fuck Adam Sandler and his fucked up disgrace of a movie. He will  never see another nickle of my money.

As the movement proliferates we are going to see a lot more of these things, from a lot more people. Unfortunately, as we grow and become powerful, there will also be attempts to co-opt our message. And I don’t mean with lame and transparent attempts by places like the Good Men Project. I mean serious, professional attempts to take ownership of the work we have done and to push it forward on an agenda that we have nothing to do with.

It will be a battle that drags in the left and right, my friends, and I write to you today because it is coming. Make no mistake about it.

I have attempted, with a good deal of success, I think, to avoid, circumvent, dissuade from and eschew involvement in the modern left-right paradigm. I intend to continue on that path as much as possible, but we are at the point in time when it is important to include this in our regular discussions, and to open the floor to our ranks of writers and commenters to add to the discourse.

That being said, allow me to make some clarification on my personal take on politics and the MRM. Hopefully, you will add to this dialogue with your own thoughts. As I said, we are approaching a crossroads where we will be challenged to keep this movement in our own hands.

To begin the discussion I will invoke our brother Bernard Chapin who regularly puts forth the idea that we make a mistake by not seeing men’s rights as a left-right issue.  And I am here to state my fundamental agreement with that position, albeit with what I think are significant caveats and qualifiers.

The primary of the caveats is that we must remember that left and right has very little to do with Democrat and Republican, something I am quite sure Bernard has stated, and I support. It has more to do with conservative vs. liberal, but even that must be qualified.

In my opinion, there is no Democrat and Republican any more. All one has to do for verification is look at the glove-like fit of the anti-freedom, pro-imperialist policies of thievery from the American people on behalf of Wall Street conducted by both the Bush and Obama administrations. Bush shredded our constitution and doused it with gasoline. Obama stepped in and tossed a lit match on the pile.

Change? My ass.

All of this was done to benefit multinational corporations and a very corrupt group of the powerful elites. We should never be deluded into thinking anything else, particularly where it concerns men’s issues. This is important because we must always make ourselves remember that feminist governance, which is what both Republicans and Democrats have created, depends on the grunt labor of uneducated, disenfranchised men. They need us economically, and they need us to maintain the infrastructure because women can’t or won’t.

It is tempting to believe another picture. Recently 31 Republicans voted in a failed effort, to reject the reauthorization of VAWA. The Republican Governor of Wisconsin repealed that states “Equal” Pay Law. Republican Ted Poe opined that VAWA should be written in sex neutral language.  There are other things happening, many of which have been reported on by AVfM News Director Bob O’Hara and his partner at AVfM News and Activism, James Huff.  It is all encouraging and refreshing.

But a closer examination of what is happening clarifies the picture. Some of the opposition to reauthorizing VAWA was not for the right reasons. In fact, it was for the most directly of wrong reasons. Objecting to VAWA because the new version includes provisions for our gay brothers does not cut it. I mean, I will tacitly accept any opposition to VAWA that I can get, but it is imperative that we remember that this “opposition” is misandric. It is an artifact of closed minded and hateful traditionalism. And of course it did little or nothing to slow down the VAWA march, largely because the Republicans have still failed to attack all the things that are wrong with that horrific piece of elitist, statist legislation that robs people of both money and freedom.

They still voted the son-of-a-bitch in.

And that pretty much sums up the “Right” in this country, in their current incarnation. They are not conservatives. For the most part what they are is a Mafioso of fundamentalists and pro corporate, consumerist ideologues. These are people that pay lip service to small government while doing everything thing they can to further government intrusion into marriage, personal sexual lifestyle and anywhere else their religious and political beliefs lead them.

If anyone thinks they are friendly to men and boys, they better think again.

And of course on the left, things only get worse.

I know, there are many great men who feel aligned with the political left that frequent this website. But my message to them is the same message as it is to the men who identify with the so called right. Prove that you support men and boys rather than your political chosen ones.

Men on the right should, in my opinion, be calling out the whores that have taken over the Republican Party and destroyed conservative values while they did it. Yes, that is right, the whores that have destroyed conservative values. Whores like George Bush, Bush Senior, Ronald Regan (who ushered in no-fault divorce); whores like Sara Palin, Mitt Romney and every other misandric lout that has supported feminist governance, sacrificing any notion of small government and personal freedom.

These people don’t offer hope for men’s rights. These people are the very ones in the way.

The other problem, of course, is the so called left; big government fear-mongers whose stock-in-trade is division politics, particularly where it divides women against men, and where it involves forcing the population to cough up the cash for their Utopian bullshit schemes.  They are the proverbial big tit that gender feminists suckle on, which of course makes you the actual boob, as long as you are paying for it. The money sure as hell isn’t coming from the likes of Barbara Boxer.

It may seem a bit contradictory. I am at once equally chastising and dismissing the political left and right, and also agreeing with Bernard Chapin that the answers to this are to be found with conservatism, in a left-right paradigm.

The problem is in finding real conservatives, and I don’t see any Republicans that fit the bill. Well, there is Barry Goldwater, but in his current condition he won’t do the party much good.

By the way, I should take somewhat of a side road to address some of the people I am pissing off here. If you are a left leaning individual, and you support men’s rights but are tiring of people taking shots at the left and blaming them for feminism, then I can only suggest that you take that to the feminist source in your own camp. The people you have voted for are the problem. You may like the idea of National Healthcare. Do you like it so much that you will vote for misandrists like Obama and Biden again, knowing full well that all the “care” will be delivered to women at the expense of sick men and boys?

If so, I respectfully suggest calling yourself something other than an MRA (brainwashed asshole comes to mind), but it is just an opinion. Maybe you could put down the Foucault long enough figure out that bringing men’s rights to the modern political left is like bringing multiculturalism to the Aryan Nation. And if you don’t want to hear that, please take a couple more red pills.

The same goes for the right. Even with all the “encouraging” developments of late, the modern political right is about as helpful to men and boys as Andrea Dworkin.

Find me a piece of misandrist legislation that was voted down by the right.

Just one will do.

(insert sound of crickets chirping here)

(insert more crickets here)

The fact is, from no-fault divorce, to VAWA, to primary aggressor laws, to mandatory arrest policies, to rape shield laws, the so called conservative right has been either a happily willing partner with the left, or a gutless, spineless conglomeration of quislings, rubber stamping every bucket of anti-male bilge that the left has served up for the past 50 years.

Recent events do not change that. No, not one little bit.

Here’s why. I am sure many of you have noticed, as I alluded to in the start of this article, that the so-called right has recently included some very MRMish language to its dialogue. More and more anti-feminist voices have made themselves heard. But again, two points. One, what have they voted for? Sorry, but what they voted for was more VAWA; more of the same. And a close examination of the 31 who voted against VAWA won’t net you a single red pill politician.

Where were these people when the “Dear Colleague” letter was released? I tell you where they were; the fucking cowards were hiding in dark rooms while a lone Wall Street Journal writer spoke the truth. Fuck them, and the elephant they rode in on. If you want to vote for one of these gutless wonders, feel free to use the alternative to MRA I have suggested for the left.

Those voices who did manage to emerge in opposition were those generally pushing for a traditionalist paradigm. You know that one, don’t you? That’s the good folks who want you and your sons in Afghanistan, on a leash in family courts, and keeping your mouth shut while universities strip the skin off innocent young men and call it social progress.

As this movement grows, which is unstoppable at this point, the cowards and whores from both sides of the fence will start to clamor for our approval.

Don’t give it to them.

Bernard Chapin is right. Conservative values are the answer to our problems. The problem is that there are no real conservatives to help our cause in the mainstream. There are not even very many people that understand what conservatism really is.

Conservatism is not pro heterosexuality, pro marriage, pro Christian, pro war or pro Wall Street. It is purely and simply pro individual freedom. Being pro freedom it is by necessity against big, intrusive government, a real world evil that now has the support of the so called right as much as it does the left.

I think it is critical for MRA’s to understand this and act accordingly. Any allegiance we hold to partisan politics muddies our understanding of the real issues. In fact, it makes us part of the problem, and it has us in the role of useful idiots for whatever side of the partisan fence we choose to call home.

As a conservative, a real one, like I think Bernard Chapin to be, I believe that real conservative values are the answer to feminism. Small, weak government, minimal intrusion into our private lives; no funding of identity politics; no allowance of ideological agendas; no preemptive wars, no imperialism, period.

Feminism cannot survive without government guns and money. If you pulled the voraciously sucking lips of feminists off the government tit right now, they would all emaciate and die in short order.

I know, that tips my hand as a Libertarian plainly enough, but I am not wed to them as a party. I would vote for a pig with polka dots if it would shut down a federal department or two. Right now, they are the only ones even talking about it.

Part of taking the red pill, in my opinion, is that a sufficient dose will pull off the blinders completely. The result is that we see the truth about men and women, but also about government, academe, the social strata and the plethora of other lies that now make the meat of potatoes of the western diet.

What we once thought of as left and right actually did constitute two groups of philosophically opposed populations; one thinking that the government was the answer to all problems, one thinking that government was the source of all problems.

If you think things are that way now, please set your watch ahead 50 years to 2012. All we have now is two crime families competing with each other to extract blood and money from men and boys, pass it along to women and girls, while skimming their cut off the top.

When they come courting you in the future, and they will, I say give them nothing. Don’t let them use you to further their agenda while diluting ours.

Or you can put them to a litmus test. Look at their voting record. All of it. And remember, if it looks and smells like a pig, it probably is.

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