WSJ piece ticks off the Jezzy’s

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust recently Peter Berkowitz of the Wall Street Journal penned a scathing assessment of the Obama administration’s decision to encourage blackmail federally supported universities unless they comply with the president’s mandate for them to adopt the lowest standards of proof possible, and deny the right of the accused to question his accuser, when investigating allegations of rape on campus.

It seems Mr. Berkowitz is under the impression that men accused of sexual criminality somehow deserve due process and the right to defend themselves. Silly pundit, this is 2011. Due process and constitutional rights for men were tossed out with the first rape shield laws in the late 1970’s.  If you were going to get huffy about it, Peter, any time in the last 30 years would have been a better place to start.  And it might have afforded you a much better perspective on the big picture and the etiology of the problem, both of which have only been aggravated by the current administration. The problem didn’t start there.

But even as day-late-and-dollar-short as the WSJ article is, it is quite on target and surgical for a mainstream publication.  And it quickly struck a sour chord with feminist ideologues, as evidenced by the bleeding Vaginacrats over at

Ellen Gloria Ryan started her article with the typically banal and expected attempt at derision. “Stop the presses! A man is upset!”  That’s Jezzy code speak for “Circle the wagons girls, some uppity male pointed at our bullshit and called it bullshit.” Only her attempt at wagon circling was executed with a lack of finesse and skill so egregious that she ended up looking like a feminist trying to say something intelligent.

After six paragraphs of pointlessness, two of which were copy and paste from the original article, Ryan finally attempts to make a point of her ramble. In reacting to Berkowitz’s painfully fundamental observation that pro-female aspects of feminist governance stem from, uh, feminism, Ryan says the following:

[quote]This would be an apt statement if it wasn’t made against a straw man and it didn’t reflect a disturbing lack of trust in college women. If men aren’t to be presumed to be rapists, then are the women who do report rapes liars?[/quote]

After we dismiss her straw man about the straw man, and forgive her  for that last, horrendously structured sentence, we really can get to the meat tofu of her problem. First, there is the “disturbing lack of trust in college women.” Casting aside the temptation to say “Stop the presses, a woman is upset!” I will instead point out that the disturbing lack of trust in college women is a matter likely aggravated by the disturbing lack of trustworthiness in college women.

When it comes to rape, women, in college or not, regularly lie like a crumb covered four year old next to an empty cookie jar.  Here are sources for fence sitters to learn from and Jezzy’s to ignore, just as Ryan did in the Berkowitz piece.

The whole point of gathering evidence and proving a case is that you are not supposed to just trust people when they allege a crime has occurred. We (assumedly) don’t get to just point fingers and hear the guilty verdict five minutes later. Allegations actually have to be proven with something more substantive than “Dude, like girls don’t lie.” God, do I really have to explain this shit? Please, don’t answer that.

Actually, if there is any trust to be had, the presumption of innocence lends it to the accused; at least in a sane and just society. But of course since Ryan’s intent here is to remain willfully ignorant of the value of that presumption – cuz grrls don’t lie – then we are forced by reason to dispense with the illusion that she has any understanding of, or interest in, due process, or justice.

In order to keep myself off the path of futility I have to remind myself that trying to educate feminists with facts and reason is like trying to treat cancer with Band-Aides and merthiolate.

And remember, this is the Jezzy’s we’re talking about.  It’s the same crowd of women who gather online to back slap each other and gloat over being physically abusive to their partners.  So I am hardly surprised at how well they cozy up to the idea of extending that power to abuse into university administration offices and courts of law.

To bolster her sagging rhetoric, Ryan gives us an equally flaccid citation on campus rape reports. “What of the horrifying statistics that paint a picture of rampant sexual assault on college campuses?” she demands to know, without a horrifying number to support those horrifying statistics. To her credit, she does provide us with a horrifying link to a horrifying website. is a sexual grievance industry website teaming with rape hysteria and possessing all the “integrity” you would find at a congressional budget meeting.

The rest of Ryan’s diatribe went downhill from there, almost in defiance of physics.  She basically accused Berkowitz of trying to defend men’s right to party rape, and called it a day.  Standard feminist fare.

Oh, and by the way, I know I was a tad harsh on Berkowitz at the start of this piece.  That sort of thing happens when I see mainstream pundits stumble on stuff we have been writing about for years. They only prove that they were either ignorant or uninterested till they finally woke up a little, mistaking their new and likely transient consciousness for genius and inspiration.  Clever bastard, that Peter, we were all so fooled till he came along.

But overall this was a still a very important piece.  It triggered something that you can see in between each and every line of Ryan’s less than cogent scrawling.  Fear.

Indeed, our blogs in the MRM are growing in audience and are being read by mainstream writers.  In the future you will see more and more of them taking the things we have been dissecting for years and presenting them as new and cutting edge to the ignorant masses.  Fine with me. If I cared about blue pill recognition I would have taken my wares in that direction long ago.

Regardless of who gets credit (or the money) for doing it, the fact remains that it will be done.  This is not the last article like this that you will see. There will be more, and more strident, works in the mainstream to come in the future.  And it will answer a question that has been ignored for five decades.

Suppose they had a gender war and men showed up?  All we have to do now is wait for CNN and Fox to cover the action; sorties, ground maneuvers and all.  But be sure to set your DVR to record. Once it starts in earnest, it will be over on the quick.

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