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As promised, last night the University of Toronto Student Union passed a motion to condemn A Voice for Men and to demand that the University of Toronto prevent students from accessing this website on their servers. The motion also contained language proposing that our web hosting company be pushed into taking our site down.

It seems the Future Fascists of Canada are on a roll.

And now is the time that we will see where the university administration stands. Will they heed the call of junior jackboots and support the repression of free speech and the open dissemination of ideas? Or will they prove that the UTSU is alone as a band of Stalinist reprobates and reject their Orwellian ideals?

Time will tell, but I wanted to reassure the readers of A Voice for Men on a couple of irreversible facts. One, AVFM is not going anywhere. It is highly doubtful, but in a world of rampant misandry and unlimited possible scenarios it is feasible that we may have to change hosting companies. It would amount to no more than a hiccup in our operations, as we have remained prepared for many possibilities.

The other fact is that if the University of Toronto should decide to put blinders on their students, it will only result in a damning indictment of their school, and more U of T students coming to this website.

Indeed, if they are inclined to ban us, I will be more than happy to exploit such a ridiculous move for everything it is worth. And it is worth a lot.

The announcement that Norton has listed us as a “hate site” has resulted in a flood of traffic, much of it new, to this site. Just as when we were attacked and viciously defamed by the SPLC, it resulted in a great deal of attention and more MHRAs being born.  The same thing happened with the Monash University debacle in Australia.

Every time they attack, we grow. Every lie they tell adds more members to our ranks. Every ill-fated, hateful attempt to silence us carries the message of the MHRM further. And that is how it will go, from here on out. We are too large to ignore, too truthful to credibly oppose and we, unlike the virulent bigots we oppose, have the momentum.

This train is not going to stop for anyone. The only suggestion I can offer is to get out of the way. I don’t even want to hear you ask what happened when you get run over.


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